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Default Free McBoot 1.5 Release

Free MC Boot is an 'exploit' that allows a user to install it on official 8MB Sony MC's as well as 3rd party cards. (with the exception of those needing a boot disc to be recognized or cloned Chinese cards)


Loader side :
- OSDSYS Hack, by Neme (You can reload FMCB from OSDSYS, great work Neme ).
- Added Rescue loading (tries before all things to boot "mass0:/RESCUE.ELF", "mc?:/RESCUE.ELF", passing to another if the previous is not found)
- Added third entry (LK_???_E3) for each key in cnf file.
- Added entry for Skip-HDD in cnf file.
- Fixed 1st controller problem with slims ps2.

Installer side :
- Compatility with scph-10000 by loading X-modules (XSIO2MAN, XMCMAN, XMCSERV, XPADMAN) from the same folder where installer is running, by Coolaan.
- Config folder renamed ("SYS-CONF/FREEMCB.CNF" --> "FMCB-CNF/FREEMCB.CNF"), and icons added, by JNABK.
- The file to embed must now be "EMBED.ELF", and placed in same folder where installer is running (This option is only useful for developpers as ffgriever's cdvd init and multilanguage fixes are not applied to the embedded elf).
- You can modify your FREEMCB.CNF before install and put it in same folder where installer is running, If the file is not existing on MC, it will be copied as config.
- You can put a BOOT.ELF in same folder where installer is running, it will be copied as mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF (if the file is not already existing on MC).
- Modified default config, more noob-friendly.
- Install with Cross-Linking available.
- You can exit installer by loading "mass:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF", "mc?:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF", "mc?:/B?DATA-SYSTEM/BOOT.ELF" (passing to another if the previous is not existing)
- Fixed bug in custom embedding process.

Thanks to TnA for all useful ideas.


If your memcard was holding a cross-linking version of FMCB, Format it before to install.
Multi-Version Install checks for dummies and Uninstall it (means it unlinks the cross-linking), so FMCB 1.5 and higher will not require to format your card each time you reinstall.

In FMCB Installer :
- CROSS : Normal Install
- SQUARE : Multi-Version Install
- TRIANGLE : PowerOff PS2
- CIRCLE : Load BOOT.ELF ( try to boot these file in this order : "mass:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF", "mc?:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF" , "mc?:/B?DATA-SYSTEM/BOOT.ELF"), maybe you will find a better name for this one.
- SELECT : Format MC
- START : Uninstall Multi-Version (this perform the Uncross-linking, to unpatch dummies, not like to just delete them).

Normal Install creates only your osdxxx.elf file.
Multi-Version Install uses cross-linking to make your card compatible with all ps2 versions (of the same region).
Uninstall Multi-Version properly unlinks the cross-linked dummies and revert back to normal install.

You can optionnally put in the same folder that the installer :
- "DVDELF.BIN" file to replace your rom dvdelf taken by default for inject (It must be encrypted,
so just taken out from rom).
- "EMBED.ELF" file to be injected in dvdelf and replace the Free McBoot loader.
- "FREEMCB.CNF" file to be used as default config (is it is not already existing on MC).
- "BOOT.ELF" file, it will be copied as mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF (if the file is not already existing on MC).

The BOOT folder is intentionnally empty, place on it your boot files.
Don't delete any FMCB file (essentially dummies or uninstall file), unless you know what your doing !

The installer creates a mcX:/FMCB-CNF/FREEMCB.CNF config file if it not already exist.

Config options:
- for boot from usb use for example : mass:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF
- for boot from memcard use for example : mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF or mc1:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF
- you can use too for example : mc?:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF it wills check for the file in the two slots.
- LK_???_E1 entries are first boot attempt, LK_???_E2 entries are secondary boot file, LK_???_E3 third boot file.
- All LK_???_?? can either be set to a path or to "OSDSYS", in the second case if no key is pressed you will be
rejected to the browser. If you set a path it will be booted if no key pressed.
- AutoBoot_Disc option allow to check if a ps2 disk is present (Close the tray !!!) and boot it, set it to 0 to avoid this.
- Debug_Screen set to 1 allow to keep the Green debug screen if no boot file is found, if set to 0 reject to browser

By default, config file is set to boot like that (if you press R1) :
BOOT2.ELF if you press R2.
BOOT3.ELF if you press L1.
BOOT4.ELF if you press L2.
BOOT.ELF if no key pressed.
Rejected to browser for others keys or no boot file found.
AutoBoot_Disc is set to 0.

You should not see Red screen if the CNF is readed, if you experience red screen check that you have config file in valid path

If you don't want of this config file, delete it ! (Just the FREEMCB.CNF, Not all the FMCB-CNF folder !!!)
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