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  #1 Old 03-16-2006, 06:11 PM
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Default PS3 Update!

PS Biz Brief 06 Reports
PS3's launch plans, PSP's new features, and PS2's unchanged future. All the news, live from Japan.
by IGN PlayStation Team

March 15, 2006 - Sony Computer Entertainment and its impending PlayStation 3 console made headlines tonight for the first time in a big, big way since May. While the business presentation may not have been the megaton-blast of game and hardware news that some had hoped (no games were shown at the event, with SCE still planning in the future for playable PS3 demonstrations), a number of fantastic and potentially shocking announcements were made at the event. Not to be left out, SCE's successful PSP handheld system was also given reason to shout about with announcements of new features and future plans. And even SCE's workhorse PS2 system was given mention at the event, although not in the way that some might have expected.

Below is a breakdown of all of the news live from SCE's 2006 PlayStation Business Briefing. We'll have further news in the near future on all of these stories, and stay tuned -- the dam has broken on some big, big news, and hot news for PlayStation fans may finally start flowing now that Sony has started the rush.
PS3 Worldwide Release in November
(03.14.06) -- It's official. Details and more, live from Japan.

PS3 Development Update
(03.15.06) -- Everything you need to know about the final SDK.

PS3 Online Service Update
(03.15.06) -- Sony plans a fully featured Online service for PS3.

No Games on Display
(03.15.06) -- The heartbreaker: Sony focuses solely on hardware news.

PS3 is "Live"
(03.14.06) -- Kutaragi continues to hype PS3's experience.

PS3 Online Details
(03.14.06) -- Sony finally unveils Live competition.

Final PS3 Dev Kits in June
(03.14.06) -- Kits coming sooner than we thought.

PS3 HDD Required
(03.14.06) -- It's 60GB and Linux too.

Blu-ray Disc Production Info
(03.14.06) -- PS3 to use Blu-ray exclusively - no games DVD.

Kutaragi's PS3 Promise
(03.14.06) -- Sony confirms that next-gen release schedule will be explained.
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  #2 Old 03-23-2006, 05:45 PM
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Default More Info

GDC 06: PS3 at GDC
All the stories so far from the big realtime megaton event. Plus, a few PS2 and PSP stories to round out the joy.
by IGN PlayStation Team
March 22, 2006 - While Sony Computer Entertainment didn't hit its big February 2006 calendar date for unveiling the PlayStation 3 (as originally set last year at E3 2005), the PS3 is finally here in full form. Last week in Japan, SCE outlined the business plans for PS3, including the worldwide launch in November, the online plans, and the future business opportunities this new platform affords. This morning's GDC 2006 presentation featured many of the same details, with updates on all of those facts and figures. The big difference, of course, was that we got games!

At the platform keynote address entitled "PlayStation 3: Beyond the Box" at GDC 2006 this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Phil Harrison presented the future of PlayStation with a full unveiling of realtime PS3 games. Included in the demonstration were Warhawk, Resistance (formerly I-8 ), Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, a next-gen singing game in the SongStar franchise, and (although only on video) even a brand new Ratchet & Clank game.

Not to be left out, the conference also hit on a number of developments for current-gen PlayStation systems, including a vicious trailer for the newly-announced God of War II on PS2 and a little look at the super-cute, super-fun PSP game, Loco Roco (which should finally be coming to America -- hurray!)

Filming or broadcasting of any kind was forbidden at the GDC event, so we can't bring you video or shots of any of this cool stuff -- you'll just have to read about it and picture it all in your mind until we can get official media. For a full look at all of these stories and more, check out this index of developments from the event, and stay tuned for more live coverage from GDC 2006.


PS3 :: Region-free PS3
Prepare for the shock of shockers - every PS3 game from the world can be yours!

PS3 :: Car Demo Details
Even the best paint jobs look like crap after a clip of ammunition tears it apart.

PS3 :: New Duck Demo Details
Quack quack!

PS3 :: Eyes-on Resistance
Insomniac Games' first-person shooter demoed in real-time.

PS3 :: Eyes-on The (Manipulated) Getaway
Phil Harrison proves last year's demo real.

PS3 :: Eyes-On Ratchet and Clank PS3 Demo
Ted Price shows us a sneak peek at 2007's hi-res Lombax.

PS3 :: Eyes-On Warhawk
We get our second look at Incog's sharp as nails shooter.

PS3 :: Unreal Engine 3 Shows Again
A glimpse of UT 2007 on PS3 accompanies this year's GDC demo.

PS3 :: Songstar Hums on PS3
Sony reveals a new singing game for its new console.

PS3 :: Resistance Update
The makers of Ratchet and Clank get a lot less fuzzy, but still keep it surreal.

PS3 :: Ratchet Appears on PS3
Sony offers a glimpse of its signature franchise jumping into the next generation.

PS3 :: Motorstorm Update
The coolest-looking original PS3 franchise from E3 is now realtime at GDC.

PS3 :: Warhawk
The game we've all been waiting for.

PS3 :: Heavenly Sword Demo
The goddess of war is upon us.

PS3 :: New Car Demo
And it blows up real nice.

PS3 :: Sony Goes Digital
SCE thinks outside the box for digital distribution of games.

PS3 :: New PS3 Online Details
We learn more about Sony's answer to Xbox Live.

PS3 :: Blu-Ray Spotlight
Every language from all over the world, on one disc?

PS3 :: Fresh PS3 Details
Sony talks backwards compatibility, controller design, and offers two fresh demos.

PS2 :: God of War II
Burning hot with the fires of hell. Trailer impressions.

PSP :: PSP Update
SCE's head explains where the PSP is going.

PSP :: Will PSP Be "Live"?
Still no confirmation on if the handheld will share in the joys of the PS3's online plan.
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  #3 Old 09-26-2006, 12:13 PM
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Maybe already known but PS3 won't be launched in Europe in November '06.
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  #4 Old 09-26-2006, 04:53 PM
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This is the last report i heard:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced that it would revise the launch date of its PLAYSTATION? 3 computer entertainment system in the PAL territories of Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Australasia from 17th November 2006, as previously announced to March 2007.
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  #5 Old 09-27-2006, 08:03 AM
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Join Date: Sep 2006
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So you can send me one from USA then, JNABK? :->
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  #6 Old 09-27-2006, 08:07 AM
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i dont have the extra cash to buy 2 PS3's just yet.
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ps3, update

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