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  #1 Old 04-05-2009, 11:13 AM
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Default how important is it to use brickblocker?

to answer my own question for anyone noobing it up, and needing this info,,,,,,YES IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO USE BRICKBLOCKER EVERY TIME,UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR WII TO UPGRADE TO VERSION 4.O AND YOUR WII GET SEMIBRICKED IN THE VERY LEAST,,if you are extremely unlucky it will fully brick,,,so children use you brickblocker when you go out into the sun this summer.
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  #2 Old 04-21-2009, 03:02 PM
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Default Brickblocker

Ravedaddy769: I understand the purpose of the brickblocker for the WII, but have a different view.

I run my WII with softmod, Waninkoko's Backup Launcher, and have never used a brickblocker. Yes, I DL it in prepearion, but have never used it.

All my discs work, WII has never bricked or tried to brick.

The only thing I do to a DL image is run it through WII Scrubber and Generic WII Patcher. The latter removes 001 and 002 and where needed fixes language and video, but I have only used them once. The 001 & 002 are the main ones I use.

Maybe I am misinformed or maybe just lucky, but as I said, I haven't had an issue in 85+ games. Could it be that I am brickblocking by using the Generic WII Patcher?

Just my view.
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  #3 Old 09-17-2009, 11:15 AM
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Im the same....never used any tool...Just burn the images. NEVER had any problems
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brickblocker, important

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