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Default InfoNES Updates

InfoNES modified by dlanor: rev.3 +Source


Here's another version of InfoNES. This time I've added a feature to auto start a NES ROM specified in the CNF, so you don't have to use the ROM browser every time. But the major difference this time is that I've decided to release the full source from now on.

Revision synopsis (reversed order):

Rev.3 => Added auto_ROM CNF variable, to start a ROM automagically
Restructured the release package to include full source code
Added PS2NES folder with icon setup suitable for use on MC
Rev.2 => Added ability to exit from emu to user defined console manager.
Rev.1 => Major overhaul of emu configuration and user interface.

InfoNES modified by dlanor: rev.2


I've just added another feature to this emu.

This time it's a new command to exit from the browser to an external ELF.
By default this will use the path "mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF", but that can be modified by editing INFONES.CNF on a PC, and changing its "boot_ELF" variable. Any path for mc0: or mc1: should work fine.

This is a binary release, but if anyone needs the source code I will make that available too, on request.
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