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  #1 Old 02-22-2006, 06:31 PM
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Default SMS Updates

Latest Version: 2.9

SMS Homepage
User Manual

Version 2.9
Changelog for Version 2.9 (Note updated language files)

- fixed incorect subtitle alignment when subtitle font horizontal size
is not equal to the default value of 32;
- slightly changed file autodetection algorithm;
- added baseline JPEG decoder (written from scratch) and rather primitive
JPEG viewer. Sequence of images can also be viewed using the same
button combinations as for audio/video playlists ("circle" for folder and
"R1-circle" for the current folder). While in viewer following gamepad and
remote control buttons can be used:
- left : previous slide;
- right/cross: next slide;
- triangle : exit;
- rectangle : zoom-in/zoom-out (only for images with resolution lower than screen one);
Note: decoder supports only baseline JPEGs at the moment. Progressive,
loseless and other "exotic" files are not currently supported.
Maximum image resolution that has been tested is 6912x4608 though higher resolution

images should also be processed without problems;

Updated Language files 04-03-07
All SMS downloads -a skin generator, palette generator, skins examples, RADHostClient & Font Creator Utility
RadHost Client 1.8 ( 03-27-07)
Registry file Use this registration file to add the C: drive to the root virtual file system. Make sure you merge it while RadHostClient is NOT running.
Simple Media System
About SMS
SMS is a DivX and MP3 player for the PS2.

Using SMS, you can stream movies and music right to your TV. forget about all the set-top boxes, forget about the 'Media PC', if you have a PS2, you have all the hardware you need.

Features of SMS include:

Smooth DivX AVI Playback at decent resolution
Pan/Scan and zooming
Subtitles support (SRT and SUB)
Visual seek (Fast Foward and Rewind)
Multiple language and character set support for subtitles other than English
MP3 Playback

SMS will read video files from a variety of sources:

Network Streaming
USB Drives
Hard Drives (both the Official Sony HDD and any normal PC HDD)
CD/DVD-ROM (and NO modchip required!)
SMS can even read DVD-RW discs specially formatted with the DVD-Video filesystem, or CD-R Discs formatted with CDDAFS without needing a modchip or any Swap tricks.

Update History
SMS Version 2.1 (Rev.1)rar
Changelog for Version 2.1 (Rev.1)

(LAST MODIFIED ON 17-APR-2007 (network adapter driver is updated again as previous one was still unstable)): version number was not changed

SMS Version 2.1 (Rev.1)zip
04-12-07 Submitted by chippy56
Changelog for Version 2.1 (Rev.1):

- network and hdd drivers are updated. Note: there're quite significant changes
in network divers code (DMA controller is employed to transfer data from the
network adapter and data transfer speed and overall IOP performance are increased
a bit) and I'm not 100% sure if this stuff is stable enough;
- fixed currupted sound issue for AC3 audio strams with 1 channel (mono)
(thanks to 'Psychic Bison' and 'Bootlegninja' for the sample clip);
- fixed crash issue when player menu is activated during playback of .avi files
without embedded subtitles while previously played clip contained them;
- slightly improved playback performance for .avi clips by using DMA stall control
feature instead of interrupt handler;

Version 2.1 04-03-07 Submitted by AMD
Changelog for Version 2.1 (note updated .lng files):

- added support for subtitles embedded into .avi files produced by DivX6+
sofrware. These subtitles are encoded as bitmaps, so no more problems
with eastern etc. languages. Multiple language subtitles are supported
and switchable via player menu during playback. Note that external
subtitles (.srt etc.(if present/specified)) have precedence. Tested here
with only one file provided by 'Tirabol' (thanks to him);
- added option to configure 'range level' (1-9) for AC3 audio streams (can be
helpful to remove sound distortions). This option is also available in the
player menu (thanks to 'orangpelupa' and 'eMaNoN' for the sample clips);
- added code to stop DVD drive at startup;
- added option (SMS menu -> Device settings) to disable CD/DVD autodetection;
Version 2.0 (Rev.4) 03-23-07
- SVN synchronization
- fixed crash issue for .avi files with multiple AC3 audio streams
(thanks to 'Tirabol' for the sample clip);
- fixed incorrect clip duration calculations for DivX6 files with
subtitles (thanks to 'Tirabol' for the sample clip);
- changes due to upcoming implementation of DivX6 subtitles support;
Version 2.0 (Rev.3)
03-19-07 Submitted by djinc

- fixed "short freeze" issue during back scrolling;
- fixed confusing GUI behavior during device hotplugging while in SMS menu;
- fixed corrupted video in some .avi files (QPel+AC3);
- presumably fixed freeze issue with .avi files while loading index;
- new VU IDCT microprogram (smaller and faster, so all VU microprograms are
squeezed now in 4KB VU0 micro memory, leaving VU1 free for possible future
usage (high quality colorspace conversion, for example );
- fixed crash due to incorrectly formatted subtitles (error message
is displayed instead) (Thanks to 'gogydm' for the sample file);
- fixed crash (in fact is "infinite loop") due to very long lines in
subtitles (such lines are just truncated now). Thanks to 'rami1' for the
Version 2.0 (Rev.2) 02-24-07
- implemented "scrolling" functionality for mpeg1/2 clips;
- fixed "freeze on video clip end" issue. Thanks to 'lee99' for the sample clip;
- fixed quite serious bug related to mpeg-4 code (crash in flames). Big thanks
to 'user112' for the research and sample clip;
Version 2.0 (Rev1) 02-16-07
- presumably fixed screwed MP3 code (random 'blips' while playing playlists)
(thanks to 'lee99' and 'gukid' for the notes);
Version 2.0
(02-11-07) Submitted by chippy56
- fixed directory listing bug for DVD-Video disks. Thanks to 'phillyrider807'
for the remarks;
- AC3 decoder is optimized a bit with "famous" R5900 assembler and a bug
in (random crash) it fixed;
- an attempt to fix scrollbar issues;
- fixed network driver bug (random data corruption). Thanks to 'user112' for
the report/research;
- updated USB driver;
- fixed incorrect subtitle line splitting. Thank to 'rainrix' for the note
and sample subtitle file;
- first attempt to support MPEG1/2 video (program streams only). Not scrollable,
so only 'pause'/'resume' actions are available (in future it can be implemented).
Programmers can find it interesting as it fully uses PS2 hardware (IPU, MMI,
scratchpad RAM with doublebuffering) for decoding. Interlaced MPEG2 video is
supported (both frame/field encoding). CSS decryption is not supported. There might
be bigger delays while loading individual mp3 files as program tries to detect
file format automatically and mpeg1/2 and mp3 streams have no real headers to judge
with 100% accuracy about the format. MPEG program streams without (or unsupported)
video or/and audio might be incorrectly treated as mp3 (with a lot of noise), so
don't damage your ears . There's no "official" support of VCD as I don't have any
(and no modchip here). Playback of .VOB files is not really supported either as
they don't contain proper information about clip boundaries (I think that one comes
from .IFO files). I've tested this stuff here only with some mpeg1 files downloaded
via eMule and mpeg2 files recorded by Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350 PCI card on PC;
- updated SMB/CIFS driver in attempt to get it working with "cheap" NAS devices.
Syntax of 'SMS.smb' file is relaxed, so username and password can be omitted.
I've tested it here with Conceptronic CHD3LAN network HDD (DON'T EVER THINK TO BUY
THIS ONE UNLESS YOU FEEL OK TO UPDATE ITS FIRMWARE as it shipped here with crappiest
one I've ever seen (though after update (quite a process I must admit) it performs quite
OK (to say nothing of the jet sound from its fan which I've just cut off (invalidating
warranty thus) ))). Note that password protected shares are not
Version 1.9 (Rev.2)
(01-05-07) Submitted by chippy56
- fixed crash issue with QPel-encoded clips. Thanks to 'darkangel84' for the sample clip;
- improved performance of the network driver (data transfer rate reached about 1.6MB/s here);
Version 1.9 (Rev.1)
(12-30-06) Submitted by chippy56
.last 2006 update is here. Nothing new except another very dirty hack inside network driver that boosted transfer rate beyond 1MB/s (finally )
Happy New Year
Version 1.9
(12-24-06) Submitted by galamonth
- added SMB/CIFS network protocol. Tested only on Windows XP Pro (SP2)
and Linux/Debian with recent Samba distribution. Only one server
connection is supported (though driver allows two). Network transfer
speed is comparable to host: protocol (if the server supports raw data
transfer (both XP and Linux do), otherwise it will be ~30% slower).
To use this feature perform following steps:
- create SMS.smb text file in a text editor. This file must contain
exactly 5 lines in the following order:
- IP address of the SMB server (ex.;
- name of the SMB server (ex. MyServer);
- name of the PS2 (arbitrary) (ex. MyPS2);
Note: I'm not 100% sure about it, maybe this name
must be listed in 'hosts'/'lmhosts' file;
- user name used for authentication (ex. eugene);
- user password used for authentication (ex. myPassword);
Note 1: blank password is not allowed;
Note 2: - "for individuals that think that harm is occurring, or
is going to occur, to him or her"
- "for individuals that think the persecutor has the
intention to cause harm"
(at least Windows XP Pro(SP2) and Samba on Libux/Debian do
support this (please, don't consider this as advertisement));
- make sure that IP address is correct;
- make sure that SMB server name is correct;
- make sure that SMB server allows connections (i.e. review firewall/router
- make sure that user whose credentials supplied in SMS.smb has appropriate
access rights to connect to the SMB server;
- copy this file to mc0:/SMS folder;
- start SMS; If 'autostart network' option is active, then
deactivate it, save settings and restart SMS;
- goto SMS menu -> Device settings;
- select SMB/CIFS network protocol;
- start network support;
New device icon shall appear as soon as connection to the server is
established (or error message if there's a problem with authentication
etc.). Normally this should occur in 0-10 seconds. There's no need to
start SMB server before SMS, as connection is made automatically (SMS tries
to establish connection to the server approximately each 5-10 seconds).
It's possible to shut down SMB server while SMS browser is active. In this
case SMB device icon will disappear and connection attempts are resumed again.
This can however cause hang, so use this functionaliy at your own risk;
In case of problems use 'ethereal'/'wireshark' software to trace activity on
the server's TCP port 139. New SMB device is browseable starting from share
level (note that shares with '$' suffix in their name (like 'C$', 'ADMIN$'
etc.) are explicitly disabled, so they won't ever appear in the file browser);
- increased packet buffer size in attempt to avoid 'stutter'
(this results longer delays at startup and during scrolling);
- changed '-' and '_' character indentation to prevent overlapping
(thanks to 'shassino' for the remark);
- added UTF8 subtitles support (thank to 'Npl' for the implementation);

Version 1.8 (Rev.4) (12-09-06)

Sped up network driver once again a tiny bit (almost 900KB/s transfer speed to HDD here), fixed scrollbar's "dynamic scale" and changed A/V synchronization algorithm (image motions should appear smoother).

Version 1.8 (Rev.3) (11-02-06)

- network driver is optimized further (host->hdd transfer rate is
about 860 KB/s here);
- new data packet management -> the application might be unstable,
since it was not tested a lot;
- sound driver is updated a bit;
- widescreen code of 'hjx' is integrated;
This is "internal" version and its main purpose to test new data packet routines and network driver. If you encounter problems then try to establish some kind of pattern of problem occurence before reporting it.
Best regards

Edit: ...I forgot to say about .lng file: 3 lines should be added:

wide pan-scan1
wide pan-scan2

Version 1.8 (Rev.2) (10-24-06)

- fixed bugs related to mp3 sound glitches and m3u crashes;
(thanks to 'lee99' for notes, patience and music);

Version 1.8 (Rev.1) (10-19-06)

- fixed "bad sound from mp3 joint-stereo audio" bug
(thanks to lee99 for the sample clip);
- fixed ".avi files with 'txts' chunk detected as mp3" bug
(thanks to 'Z-Saber' for the sample clip);
- added possibility to playback .avi files with mp1/mp2 audio;
(thanks to 'vitaliyfx' for the sample clip);
- added 'page-up/page-down' actions to the filebrowser (L1/L2 pad buttons);
- added '.mpa/.mp2' media filter to the filebroser;
- there's another guess about 480p mode;
- fixed 'SMS hangs when resumed from pause' bug;
(thans to 'spkleader' for the note);
- fixed incorrect integration 'ffgriever''s code (.txt subtitles);
Version 1.8 (10-16-06)

- new MPEG audio decoder code. Fast (~40% faster than low precision one in the previous
version), precise (uses floating point calculations) and supports MPEG 1.0 layers 1, 2
and 3. For calculations VU0 (macro and micro modes) and VU1 (micro mode) are used;
Note: layer 1 audio is not tested as I couldn't find any files encoded in this format.
Thanks to 'mpg123' project creators/maintainers for the source code;
- 'ffgriever''s code (.txt subtitles) is integrated (thanks to him (her) for adding some
code into this maze );
- brighness control is updated a bit (if maximum is selected then a fixed value of 32 is
added to each color component to make the whole image "brighter");
- some other internal changes (an attempt to eliminate "choppy playback" at the beginning
of the movie playback (this can result longer pause at movie startup and during scrolling);
Version 1.7 (rev7) (9-20-06)

Note 1: about DTV 480P mode: I've discovered that my VGA monitor supports this mode somehow, but as it's a 4x3 monitor it displays 720x480 picture as 640x480, so, feedback about "real" application of this video mode would be appreciated.

Note 2: I still have a lot of interest to continue SMS's evolution (and I will continue ), I just don't have enough time these days, so, I'm not sure how the progress will go further.

Thank you and Best Regards to All
Eugene [/quote]

Polish support for rev 6
---polish mode on-----
Nie ma sprawy. W zasadzie to ta wersja byla juz do testow dostepna od tygodnia mniej wiecej. Jakos nei mialem czasu sie zebrac zeby to tu podeslac.
---polish mode off-----

You can download compiled test-version here at the very top of the first post. But as it's only test version I can guarantee nothing.

Version 1.7 (rev6) (9-1-06)

Version 1.7 (rev5) (7-7-06)

Note that in order to get remote control (with "external" IR sensor) working while
preserving gamepad and memory card functionalities unaffected a modified SIO2MAN
module is created (based on Marcus R. Brown code from SVN and my own disassembly
works) and integrated into SMS (source code of it can also be found in SVN).
Thanks to "Mr.Worm~~" and "Rathunter" for testing;

- added 'FMP4' fourcc recognition. Thanks to "ntt2005" for the research/note;
- added support for "simple" M3U list. Only relative paths are supported;
- updated some IOP drivers from ps2sdk; [/quote]

Version 1.7 (Rev4)

SMS Version 1.7 (Rev1)

SMS Version 1.7

SMS Version 1.6 (Rev.2)
SMS Version 1.6 (Rev 4)
SMS Version 1.6 (Rev 5)
SMS Version 1.6 (Rev 6) Submitted by Aesirz & cman1783
SMS language file examples
If you would like to know more, please read the User Manual.

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Default Version 2.1 (Rev.2)

Changelog for Version 2.1 (Rev.2) (LAST MODIFIED ON 22-APR-2007)

- improved MPEG auto detection and playback for broken streams (thanks to 'topshooter' for the sample clip);
- network adapter driver is updated again;

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  #3 Old 04-08-2006, 06:53 AM
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Default Update v2.2 (Rev.1)

Changelog for Version 2.2 (Rev.1)

- changed brightness control algorithm;
- presumably fixed jerky .avi playback for DTV480P video mode (thanks to 'pitrz'
for help, patience, sample clips and inspiration );
- added possibility to change 'advanced display settings' for DTV480P/VESA modes;
- added support for .avi files with multiple audio tracks that have different
audio formats (mp123/ac3). Thanks to 'cubi' for the sample clips;

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  #5 Old 05-12-2006, 10:30 PM
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Later versions also have a screen format adjustment on the SQUARE button for 4:3, 4:3L and 16:9, so you can view on any tv even your new widescreen HD jobby. Very neat for a homebrew app.

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  #6 Old 05-14-2006, 08:52 PM
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Default SMS v1.7 rev3

The latest version is available here:

SKS Apps - Wii Ps3 Ps2 Apps - Game Downloads - Gaming Forums

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Default SMS v1.7 rev.4

Latest revision.

- changed image management routines. Now SMS uses unified image format for
skin and icons. IPU is fully utilized to perform image decompression (it's
quite fast (a 640x480 test image is decompressed from 30KB to 900KB and
uploaded to GS memory in just ~8ms)). A Win32 application (pic2smi.exe) is
provided to create such an images. This application is replaced an old one
(pic2sms.exe). It's possible to adjust image quality (better quality - bigger
image size) and brightness, but default settings should work OK in most cases.
These changes resulted smaller (by ~110KB uncompressed) SMS.elf size. Note new
skin filename: SMS.smi ('i' means "image" ) (thanks to "Mr. Worm~~" for
trying it);
- high resolution movies are performing using reduced color resolution
(dithered 16 bit), so no artefacts due to insufficient GS RAM should occur.
There's also a possibility to force desired color resolution via SMS menu
as 16 bit color resolution can improve performance a bit (less data traffic).
(thanks to "Mr. Worm~~" again for trying);
- non-interleaved .avi's are treated as "unsupported". File treated as
non-interleaved if it contains more than 256 consecutive packets belonging
to the same stream (audio, video or other);
- added function to copy selected file to HDD's current partition. Pressing
"square" pad button activates file context menu which currently has only
one item (Copy to HDD). Copy process can be terminated by "triangle" (there
can be some delay due to buffering, so press and hold "triangle" till "Stopping"
message will appear at the status line). This function is purely experimental
(just to measure device speed), so, use it on your own risk (files will be
overwritten without any prompt). Note also that only PS2 internal HDD is

Download: SKS Apps - Wii Ps3 Ps2 Apps - Game Downloads - Gaming Forums

I found the latest user manual, updated 23/5/06.


Thanks to EEUG + Paulodeleo[/b]

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Default Does SMS support XViD type movies?

Not to be a n00b but, DiVX can be different than XViD technically. Does SMS support XViD coded movies? :->

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Default A quote..........

From the SMS Manual.

It has been tested with many DivX/XviD movies with different screen resolutions and encoding methods and it seems to be working.

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Kewl thanks!

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sms, updates

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