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Default UlaunchELF Updates

Latest Version: 4.12
PS2Client rev4
RadHost Client 1.8 03-27-07
Registry file Use this registration file to add the C: drive to the root virtual file system. Make sure you merge it while RadHostClient is NOT running.
Help Links:
UlaunchELF Skin Gallery Courtsey of spedmetal
Ulaunchelf Tutorial - Basic How-to Guide
Ulaunchelf Tutorial Mirror - Updated & maintained by ubergeek42
Skins Mini Tutorial
Language support files for uLaunchELF v3.95 and later
Update History
LaunchELF v4.12 (2007.02.16)
-Fixed an issue with the makefile that messed up the network functionality in LaunchELF after exiting from another PS2 application.
-Updated to latest SMS TCPIP driver.
-Removed the prior SMS network modules, and then changed the makefile so EEUG's network modules(SMSUTILS, SMSTCPIP, and SMSMAP) now require the compiled sources from SMS to build uLE.

LaunchELF v4.11 (2007.02.02)
-Fixed a bad bug that smashed the storage path for content of copied folders. Instead of being stored inside the proper folder the files were stored beside that folder, with the folder name attached as a prefix to the proper filename. This was due to a single faulty string reference in "filer.c", which has now been fixed.

LaunchELF v4.10 (2007.02.02)
-Modified a file of the latest iomanx source in PS2SDK, which eliminated all problems we've had with recent versions of the iomanx.irx module
-Modified use of LNG definitions, to avoid using translated strings as gamepad button names in tooltips (mainly for the 'Select' button). Please report if I missed any !
-Fixed a bug in copying files with names longer than 32 characters to MC, which caused creation of both a folder and a file with truncated name. The new code will truncate the names to be used on MC before being applied to any MC functions. If a filename to be truncated contains any period ('.') characters, then all truncation will be done in front of the last of these, so as to preserve the final file extension. But if the extension itself is too long (meaning it's not really an extension), then truncation will be made from the end of the full name. Note that if you attempt to copy many files with long names to MC, this truncation may make all those names identical, if they differ only in some final characters, and the end result will be that only the last file copied remains on MC. To avoid such problems, try to make sure that files for MC have valid name length. A generic object name length limit is now applied to other devices too (all file systems have some limitation), but that limit is currently set to 256 characters.

LaunchELF v4.09 (2007.01.27)
-Updated to use the current ps2sdk changes added by jbit.
-Cleaned up the external source package and updated some of the ps2sdk source files.

LaunchELF v4.08e Beta (2007.01.27)
-Upgraded to a newer version of EEUG's networking module "SMSTCPIP.irx". This upgrade should eliminate some data corruption seen with the previous beta
-Added a new LNG definition, LNG(KB_RETURN), to be used only to designate such keyboard keys (virtual or physical), as it seems that some languages need this term separate from other uses of similar words. The english version of this term in "lang.h" is just "RETURN"
-Fixed a bug in generating SJIS-encoded title strings for "icon.sys" files created by the new browser command "New Icon". Note that this bug was not inside the source of uLE, but in the source for a string function of PS2SDK, so if you want to compile this correctly you'll need a very recent update from the SVN repository for PS2SDK

LaunchELF v4.08d Beta (2007.01.07)
-Added some newer network drivers from SMS by EEUG, raising host: speed to 1450 KByte/s
-Removed usbhdfsd both from the modules folder and from the 'Changed source...' folder, as the standard PS2DEV version now has adopted all our modifications for it (SVN 1366)
-Added makeicon.c to the uLE source. This is heavily based on example programs and advice contributed by 'ubergeek42' and 'ffgriever' at ''. It allows the FileBrowser to add PS2-style icon sets to existing folders through a new command in the 'R1' menu. You can fine adjust text positioning in these icons by including some control characters into the icon text string, though at present this requires a USB keyboard. As yet these text entry dialogs use the same old routine we use for filename entry etc, but this will be improved in some later version, to gain the same abilities for gamepad as for a USB keyboard.
The control characters for icon texts are:
HT == Ctrl_I => Step past half a character width (to center text horizontally)
VT == Ctrl_K => Start new row half a character height down (to center text vertically)
CR == Ctrl_M => Start new row a full character height down (normal multi-row text)
Rows will also be automatically 'broken' once every 8 chars, and characters that would pass beyond the bottom right corner will be ignored. If the current path already contains an icon.sys and/or icon.icn file, you will be asked if you want to overwrite or not.
NB: Do NOT overwrite in your B?DATA-SYSTEM folder, as that will result in an invalid system save, and an exploit user will then lose the ability to boot properly !!!
-All features added in earlier v4.08 betas are also included in this release

LaunchELF v4.08c Beta (2007.01.03)
-Modified Host interface to adapt to some changes in 'ps2client_for_uLE_rev3'.
-One such change now allows browser display of file sizes and modification times for 'host:', except for an 'elflist' root, since that is just a pseudo-device
-There's also an improved method for testing object types. This was made possible by the elimination of an old bug from ps2client (cured by others at, so that uLE no longer has to trial-open every single object like we had to do in earlier versions
-All beta features from the last beta version are also included, unchanged

LaunchELF v4.08b Beta (2006.12.19)
-Changed networking to use IRX modules by EEUG, for 40% speed increase of host:
-Changed browser to use dynamic spacing to allow more characters to be displayed for long file and folder names. Filenames can now be displayed with 49 characters in 'details' mode and with 81 characters in 'filename only' mode. Filenames longer than that are shown with 80 correct characters and a final '~' character to indicate the abbreviation. Folder names are treated the same way, except with one character less, to ensure that the final '/' character will be visible, even for an abbreviated name
-Changed browser of JpgViewer to use dynamic spacing in list mode, as described above
-Changed browser of JpgViewer to only use L2 for switching transition effects
-Changed browser of JpgViewer such that R2 opens the PathPad popup for path selection
NB: Some info shown in the JpgViewer help screen is now incorrect for browser, though it remains correct while viewing a picture/slideshow, as R2 retains its old meaning in this mode. IMO this is not a bug, since that help screen can only be seen in picture viewing mode, which also has different tooltips from browsing mode

LaunchELF v4.08 (2006.12.07)
-Modified use of BrowserModePopup, to make it usable also for config browsing.
-Fixed a bug in font loading of ELISA100.FNT
-Fixed a bug that could crash if "Debug Info" screen was used with latest LNG files

LaunchELF v4.07 (2006.11.30)
-Modified MC attribute handling to ensure compatibility of PS1 gamesaves
-Improved HddManager unmounting, to prevent failure of some partition commands
-Added new "Debug Info" popup to the "MISC" pseudodrive (its use may vary in future)
-Extended FileBrowser from 2 display modes to 3
-Extended FileBrowser from 2 sort modes to 4
-Added 8 new character definitions to "font_uLE.c", for use as 4 double-width characters, representing the 4 D-Pad buttons
-Added a new popup menu to FileBrowser, to control the new display and sort modes. The new popup is opened by the button L1, as it obsoletes the old Title ON/OFF functionality
-Added new LNG definitions to cover all new features
-Modified initialization of uLE to improve compatibility with SwapMagic ELF launching. These changes allow uLE to find its CNF in the same folder as the ELF when launched on mass: by SwapMagic, despite the incorrect path passed in argv[0] ("mass0:\SWAPMAGIC\"). Note that this is NOT the same modification used in earlier betas, which caused other bugs. This method does not involve IOP reset, and should therefore be bug-free. That has been verified both for exploit booting and the 'back to browser' feature of SMS, which were both bugged by the old method.
-Shortened the LNG(Modes) lang.h definition of earlier betas to LNG(Mode)
-Extended HddManager size limit for logical partitions to 128 GB
-Corrected a bug in HddManager sizeSelector tooltips (missed using an LNG definition)
-Modified HddManager sizeSelector to use L2/R2 to step partition size -/+ 10 GB
-Modified tooltips for HddManager sizeSelector to include new features

LaunchELF v4.06 (2006.10.13)
ps2ftpd new additions and changes: Included ps2ftpd.irx and source changes.
-Changed partition filter and removed the codebreaker partition from the hdd partition listing.
-Fixed a future year attribute issue with dlanor's fix.
ps2sdk changes:
-Changed tcpip to use the older working version of lwip(revision 1158).
-Changed to an older working version of iomanX(revision 1332).
outside source file additions and changes:

LaunchELF v4.05 (2006.10.05)
-Modified USB mass: driver to reduce delays in browsing large directories
-Fixed USB mass: driver to permit file/folder names beginning with a period ('.')
-Bugfixed USB mass: driver to eliminate a memory leak at disconnection/hotswap, which was responsible for occasional freezing after hotswaps

Note that only the embedded mass: driver has been changed for this version, so all other aspects of the program are identical to v4.04

LaunchELF v4.04 (2006.09.23)
-Reverted one of my changes in usbhdfsd, because it seems to have broken dir caching. Unfortunately this means that we're back to the original super-slow dir reading, where time delay increases proportional to the square of the object count. So this version is very slow for large directories, but at least they work right...

I fully intend to fix the mass: driver further, with one of my goals being to eliminate that super-slow dir-reading method. So this release is just a temporary solution to eliminate current bugs.

LaunchELF v4.03 (2006.09.23)
-Fixed a bug that would freeze bootup if loading a font from HDD
-Fixed a bug that could corrupt HDD, mainly observed when making PSU backups. This was due to some problem with changing timestamps via fileXioChStat. (HDD driver bugs ?) That timestamping code has now been removed, which is no loss, as it never worked right. Note also that timestamps are still preserved inside PSU backups, which is where it matters.
-Replaced embedded mass: driver with a revised version of Herben's usbhdfsd (as in uLE v4.02a Beta). The revisions eliminate some serious bugs that would occur when writing directories containing many objects. I want to emphasize that the bugs now eliminated exist in *all* older mass: implementations, not just Herben's (he merely inherited them).

LaunchELF v4.02 (2006.09.16)
-Merged loadable font system contributed by Polo
-Fixed memory leak for ELF launching (LNG buffer was not released)
-Modified 'genFixPath' function slightly to allow more generic usage
-Modified 'loadSkin' function to make better use of 'genFixPath' (as suggested by Polo)
-Improved the LNG loader to ensure fallback to default language for any strings not included in the LNG file loaded (mainly for old LNG files used with new uLE versions)
-Prepared bugfixed versions of old usb_mass drivers useful as external modules with either the old or the new uLE versions (the old drivers also work, but have more bugs, like showing wrong timestamps in uLE). These drivers are for users who find the new embedded usbhdfsd driver incompatible with their USB mass storage devices. The bugfixed versions of the old drivers are released separately, Old usb_mass drivers . Note also that 'bugfixed' does not mean that all bugs have been fixed, as that could also affect their compatibilities. Always use the newest driver that works for you, as the older ones have more bugs.

LaunchELF v4.01 (2006.09.01)
-Fixed bug that caused the 'Back' tooltip to be duplicated in FileBrowser menu
-Fixed bug in editor that caused it to scroll past every second 'page' without stopping
-Made some minor source alterations suggested by EP, to reduce compiler warnings
-Upgraded usb_mass to latest version from SVN (plus our usual changes). This version fixes a bug in the last version, dealing with start/stop of USB storage devices, so anyone who had trouble with the last version should try this one. (If you installed an external driver to fix that, try configuring to use the default again instead.)

LaunchELF v4.00 (2006.08.30) Submitted by chippy56
-Tweaked init order to eliminate problems with JPG skins on HDD

LaunchELF v3.99 (2006.08.29)
-Tweaked some config menus that lacked spaces between some tooltips
-Fixed bug that prevented use of LNG files stored on HDD
-Fixed bug that made failed load of initial CNF be shown as success
-Fixed bug that made CNF switch messages use language valid before switch attempt
-Tweaked init to allow LNG diagnosis dialog to work for bootup LNG failures
-Made JpgViewer fullscreen flag persistent, changed only by user and CNF loading
-Removed partition blocks for "__net", "__system", and "__sysconf"
-Implemented Square as space key for FileBrowser virtual keyboard
-Implemented some more characters for FileBrowser virtual keyboard <>{}:"/|\* But be aware that using '/' will not always work as expected, since it is the PS2 folder separator.
-Moved some graphics characters we use out of the proper font area
-Replaced characters 0x60 and 0x7B-0x7F with proper ascii standard characters
-Erased all graphics characters from font range 0x80-0x9F (as preparation for new chars)

LaunchELF v3.98 (2006.08.28) Submitted by chippy56
-Merged additional font characters contributed by Polo. The font now has most national characters for languages using Latin-style alphabets.
-Modified the 'ShowFont' subprogram to display 256 font characters
-Fixed a bug that caused LNG switch to be incomplete if the old LNG used a name shorter than 4 characters for the "MISC" pseudo-device

LaunchELF v3.97 (2006.08.28) Submitted by dmcbudman
-Increased font resolution from 8x8 to 8x16 (replaced font5200.c with font_uLE.c)
-Used the new font resolution to improve the symmetry of some characters. As yet this includes "ABEFHPRSU???"
-Fixed the inclusion of the new FTP server improved by EP, which I botched in v3.96

LaunchELF v3.96 (2006.08.28)
-Increased font size to 256 characters, but still with '_' appearance for many of them
-Implemented 'extra' vowels of german and swedish for font. This covers "????????". Note that this implementation is still rather ugly, due to the low resolution of our font.
-Corrected an old bug made visible by the new characters, using top pixel row of font
-Added error diagnostic dialog box for LNG loader, to help in debugging LNG files
-Merged improved FTP server by EP, for better handling of mountpoints and MCs
-Improved partition filter to reject all non-PFS partitions and CodeBreaker partitions
-Added CNF variable for fullscreen mode of JpgViewer

LaunchELF v3.95 (2006.08.26)
-Merged multi-language support contributed by Polo (but not ready for public release)
-Rewrote large parts of the Multi-language support for better coding efficiency etc.
-Extended the 'setting' struct and CNF, to add 15 MISC/ device and subprogram names
-Modified various parts of configuration management, to improve multi-language safety
-Improved text symmetry of ynDialog boxes (most of the ones with OK/CANCEL choice)

From v3.95 uLE is now capable of limited support for non-english languages.
The main limitation of this functionality is that the current font has only english characters, so special characters beyond those are suppressed and displayed only as underscores. But hopefully we can improve this font later.

To use other languages with uLE, you need to go to "Startup Settings...", and use the new option "Language File:" which allows you to select an external file to replace the internal language definitions. (The original stuff remains too, so you can deactivate the external file to switch back.)

At release three such LNG files existed, for french (by Polo), and swedish (by me), and another one that is just identical to the built-in english defaults. But useless as that may seem, it is perhaps the most important one, as that english LNG is what all others should use as basis for their own translations into new languages.

The french LNG is probably the best looking one, as Polo avoided using the 'correct' french characters (that our font lacks). So all characters in that LNG are displayed correctly by our font. But by french standards they aren't fully correct of course, as that would require the 'missing'characters.

I went the other way with my swedish LNG, using the three extra swedish vowels quite freely, even though our present font only displays them as underscore. So menus and tooltips with this LNG do contain lots of such underscores, that should have been "???" or "???" characters. Not very pretty right now, but it might be if/when we change to a better font.

This release thread is closed for posts by normal users, so if you have anything to contribute for this area, post it in the main uLaunchELF thread, and I'll transfer it here (as it would 'drown' in the main thread).

We now have some more LNG files that were contributed by users of uLE. Those LNG releases have the ps2-scene user name of its creator inserted in the filename of the ZIP or RAR containing that LNG. For some a version number is also inserted that way, to fully identify each release.

Note that from v3.96 the font support of uLE has been extended slightly, and some of the LNG files take advantage of that. So if you see missing characters in the uLE displays with some LNG, you may need to upgrade the program itself too.
LaunchELF v3.94(2006.08.19) Submitted by chippy56
-Fixed a bug of v3.93 that made PSU restore use incorrect gamesave folder names

LaunchELF v3.93(2006.08.19) Submitted by chippy56
-Fixed a new bug that let FTP server interfere with FileBrowser through PFS0
-Fixed an old bug that let FTP server interfere with FileBrowser through PFS1..PFS3
-Fixed a new bug in title handling that caused weird results with some PSU backups
-Improved screen cleanup for some command progress reports
-Merged PSU_NoOverwrite implementation contributed by ffgriever at ps2-scene. This eliminates redundant backup work when a timestamped PSU filename is identical to the one that would have been used for a new backup file. NB: Setting it requires text editing.
-Changed pad initialization to cater for digital controllers, and to unlock the controller mode switch (explicitly) for digital or unrecognized (even absent) controller. This has cured some problems that occurred with faulty detection of gamepads and their types. But some cases still exist where you need to set the type manually, by pressing the analog mode button between the joysticks.
-Added Paste+Rename command, which only affects top level selections. It is used by pressing the 'Square' button instead of the normal OK button ('Circle' or 'Cross'), with the 'Paste' command selected in the R1 menu. This works only for standard 'Paste'. Its intended use is for installing stuff to memory cards using new folder names, and to allow 'pseudo' renaming on MC and mass: by using a combination of 'Cut' and 'Paste+Rename'. But you should never do this unless you have as much free space as the data selected, and can accept the copying delay (which can be huge on these slow media).

LaunchELF v3.92 (2006.08.15)
-Fixed a new bug (v3.88) that interfered with free space calculations for HDD
-Improved PSU title naming, so it works even if title mode was activated after 'Copy'
-Improved confirmation dialog for folder overwrite, to include gamesave title (if any)
-Modified folder overwrite for 'mcPaste' and 'psuPaste', to remove old folder before pasting. This is to avoid combining contents of differing gamesaves with identical names. Normal 'Paste' does not delete old folders at overwrite, so such pasting will combine files. This means that any file unique to either source or destination will exist in the destination after pasting. For normal folders that is appropriate, though it's not for gamesaves
-Added CNF option PSU_HugeNames to make PSU names combining original folder name with the gamesave title, like in this example: "BESLES-5245800_Disgaea(1) Ep.1 LV1.psu"
-Added CNF option PSU_DateNames to make PSU names with an appended timestamp, taken from the original gamesave data as in this example: "Disgaea(1) Ep.1 LV1_2006-07-23_14-46-33.psu". Naturally the two new options can be used in combination as well.
NB: As yet these two new options are not in any config menu. Use TextEditor instead.

LaunchELF v3.91 (2006.08.14)
-Corrected PSU name filter which was incorrect for HDD destinations
-Implemented title display mode for PSU files (using icon.sys stored in each file)
-Implemented optional use of save title for PSU filename. This is based on display mode, so the name chosen will be the same as that displayed. However, since titles use Shift-JIS characters and filenames need ASCII, the title strings will be filtered to use only normal european characters. Any other character will be changed to underscore ('_').
-Modified JpgViewer so that rotating a picture during slideshow will reset the timer so that a full normal viewing period is alloted after the rotation is performed.

LaunchELF v3.90(2006.08.13) Submitted by chippy56
LaunchELF v3.90 (2006.08.13)
-Fixed a bug that prevented proper restore of zero-length files from a PSU to MC
-Fixed a bug that prevented proper backup of zero-length files from MC to a PSU
-Fixed a bug that could break backup to PSU if a file size was a multiple of 1K

LaunchELF v3.89 (2006.08.13)
-Fixed a bug that prevented PSU files from being created on HDD
-Added name filtering to ensure valid PSU filenames, both for PC and PS2 filesystems
-Modified PSU save format slightly, to conform better with current standards of EMS. This means that for some very rare saves this version may be incompatible with v3.88, so you may need to restore saves made with v3.88 to MC using that version, and then again save them to PSU with v3.89. If you do it that way, then the new saves will be fully compatible both with new uLE versions and with EMS PSU tools.

LaunchELF v3.88 (2006.08.13)
-Implemented 'psuPaste', a new command for the R1 menu, used to Backup/Restore MC folders to/from PSU files. Each created PSU file will be given the same name as its MC folder, but with the extension ".psu" added. When restoring PSU files to MC, their names do not matter, as the proper name for the MC folder is stored inside the PSU file. The PSU files preserve all MC specific attributes, timestamps, and other bytes, including those lacking any proper documentation. The psuPaste command is only available for copying from MC to non-MC devices, or vice-versa. Restoring PSU files to MC should only be done in the root directory of that MC, and backup to PSU files should also only be made with folders in an MC root directory selected, and those folders must not have any subfolders (always illegal on MC by Sony standards). This first implementation does not enforce all those rules, so it's up to each user to be aware of them.

LaunchELF v3.87 (2006.08.10) Submitted by dmcbudman
-Fixed a bug preventing proper display of 'Tooltips' for the PathPad dialog
-Modified JpgViewer Prev command to go from the first file to the last file.
-Modified drawChar and drawChar2 to use one gsKit_prim_sprite call instead of two gsKit_prim_point calls. (Polo's idea, slightly extended.)
-Fixed a gsKit buffer overflow that could crash program on text-rich screens, by allocating 50% greater buffer. This fix should cure all crashing reported both for TextEditor and for FileBrowser.
-Increased line thickness to 3 (for frames etc), to minimize interlace flicker.
-Tweaked various dialogs to work better with the new line thickness
-Modified virtual keyboard of FileBrowser to use highlight colour for cursors
-Modified JPG Brightness scale to widen the range from 32..224 to 16..240

LaunchELF v3.86 (2006.08.08) Submitted by chippy56
-Fixed a bug that caused some horizontal frame lines to be lost in non-interlaced modes
-Fixed a bug making text 'fuzzy' when aligned to odd pixel rows in non-interlaced modes

LaunchELF v3.85 (2006.08.08) Submitted by chippy56
-Merged in JpgViewer changes by Polo. It now uses DPad Up/Down for picture rotation.
-Merged in display init changes by Polo. This should eliminate screen border garbage, and fix a problem with non-interlaced TV mode shifts between PAL and NTSC.
-Fixed a bug that prevented v3.79-v3.84 from finding a CNF in the same folder as the ELF when started from a USB mass storage device.
-Added function wrapper 'drawOpSprite' for calls to gsKit_prim_sprite.
-Purged most use of gsKit_prim_line from the program, as its coordinate handling is not compatible with other gsKit_prim_ functions, and is also inconsistent within itself. (This was the main cause of incorrect dialog boxes.) I've used 'drawOpSprite' in its place.
-Purged most direct gsKit calls for line and rectangle operations from other source files than "draw.c" which now handles most such calls for most other sections of the program. Exceptions are the JpgViewer, the circle drawing in HddManager, and the jpg loading of "main.c", which still use some such gsKit functions directly.
-Implemented a new CNF variable "USBMASS_FILE", which may be used to specify another 'usb_mass' driver than the one embedded in the program. This choice can be set by the user in the submenu "Startup Settings..."

LaunchELF v3.84 (2006.08.01) Submitted by chippy56
-Merged in gsKit non-interlace support contributed by Polo
-Merged in Analog controls for JPG viewer contributed by Polo
-Upgraded PS2SDK libs from SVN
-Upgraded usb_mass driver from SVN. Note that this includes huge changes to the detection and initialization of USB storage devices. This means that such as did not work before may do so now, and even 'hotplugging' now seems to work well with many devices.
-Corrected a bug introduced by gsKit changes and affecting multiple CNF loading. As a consequence of these changes it's now possible to switch between CNFs using different TV modes and interlace settings. So switching between PAL and NTSC CNFs no longer requires a restart, but will immediately switch the TV mode.
-Implemented CNF file variables JpgView_Timer and JpgView_Trans, which will override the defaults for slideshow timer interval and picture transition choice.

LaunchELF v3.83 (2006.08.01) Submitted by ubergeek42
-Corrected a timer variable to be 'u64' instead of 'int'

So, because lot of poeple complain about interlaced mode, i re-implemented it.
When interlace is OFF, prog switch to frame mode, and when interlace is ON prog switch to field mode.
That way poeple can return to interlace mode OFF, if they want.
Jpg quality is affect, but flickers are totaly removed.
But if you used to use interlace mode OFF in v3.80, you may be accustom to bad jpg quality.
I based my work on v3.83.
And i added a little modif to joystick management, to allow analog motion.
Best regards

LaunchELF v3.82 (2006.08.01) Submitted by ubergeek42
-Added anti-aliasing flag for gsKit setup (improves all picture quality)
-Modified screen update methods to eliminate interactive flickering
-Modified joystick reading to work with 'worn-out' gamepads

LaunchELF v3.81 (2006.07.31) Submitted by sksapps + ubergeek42
-Merged gsKit adaption contributed by Polo
-Replaced some remnant libito defaults with ones appropriate for gsKit
-Added screen offset conversion for compatibility to old CNF files
-Modified some screen offset adjustments to match standard LaunchELF practice
-Modified dialog navigation for screen settings to make it more consistent
-Added another console check, to avoid NTSC offsets for PAL console with no CNF
-Modified "RunElf" and "checkELFheader" functions to improve error checking for HDD. This eliminates a bug that caused program crash when attempting to use a launch key to a deleted file on HDD.

LaunchELF v3.80 (2006.07.19) Submitted by ubergeek42
-Changed some incorrect strings in the supplied example LAUNCHELF.CNF
-Merged JPG viewer contributed by Polo
-Merged EE timer functions contributed by Polo
-Modified paste progress calculations for better precision

LaunchELF v3.79 (2006.07.01)
-Changed "MISC/Configurator" to "MISC/Configure"
-Fixed a bug that made TextEditor unable to save files on HDD
-Added PathPad_Lock as a CNF variable. Text edit this to a non-zero value if you want to prevent any changes to your PathPad array. This will then prevent the commands to clear or set PathPad entries from having any effect. You can still use them, but not change them.

LaunchELF v3.78 (2006.06.11)
-Added ability to use 'Select', 'Left', and 'Right' as normal launch keys, by giving them optional string definitions. If those are not used, the old default usage applies, with these keys being used to enter configurator and to switch CNF pages. If the new strings are used, but set to empty strings, then these keys are disabled, and if you use the new strings for proper launch paths, then those will be used as for normal launch keys.
-Added three new MISC/ commands:
-"MISC/Configurator" corresponds to the default action for 'Select' button
-"MISC/Load CNF--" corresponds to the default action for 'Left' button
-"MISC/Load CNF++" corresponds to the default action for 'Right' button
-Fixed several cases of incomplete PFS unmounts (caused occasional browser errors)
-Made some changes to various text messages for better english and consistency
-Changed TextEditor to use 'Select' button to toggle virtual keyboard OFF as well as ON
-Fixed a TextEditor bug that caused insert mode to be missed when cursor at CR+LF line end, thus causing the CR+LF combo to be overwritten when entering a character.
-Tweaked TextEditor colour brightness, from 255 to 160 as max component value
-Fixed TextEditor popups to use standard GUI colours and to obey the Popup_Opaque flag

LaunchELF v3.77 (2006.06.11)
-Merged in the text editor contributed by Polo
-Changed ELF file names from BOOTc.ELF + BOOT.ELF to BOOT.ELF + uncompressed_BOOT.ELF
-Added support for using uLaunchELF on such CDVD filesystems that are limited to 8+3 characters for filename+extension, by also allowing a CNF file to be loaded even when renamed LNCHELF.CNF (or LNCHELF1.CNF etc for multiple CNFs). This patch only applies to loading CNFs. CNF files saved will always use the longer form of the name (LAUNCHELF.CNF etc).

LaunchELF v3.76 (2006.06.09)
-Added abilty to display HDL game info and to rename such games (for the gamelist). This feature is based on a modified version of an IRX module contributed by Polo.

LaunchELF v3.75 (2006.06.06)
-Speed optimized various aspects of HddManager

LaunchELF v3.74 (2006.06.05)
-Modified HddManager to make more partitions visible
-Added lots of changes to HddManager to improve speed and reliability (still slow init)
-Fixed a bug that affected creation of a partition of exactly 2048MB
-Fixed a bug that made HddManager miss subpartition sizes of 4096MB in total sum

LaunchELF v3.73 (2006.06.02) submitted by cman1783
-Added "MISC/Set CNF_Path" command that sets the CNF_Path variable by direct browsing. Note however that this does not work properly for HDD paths (yet). For those you can only use the CNF_Path variable in the "Startup Settings"
-Added "MISC/Load CNF" command that simply reloads CNF (useful with CNF_Path variable)
-Added CNF_Path variable (Startup Settings) to override normal CNF path choice
-Fixed a PathPad bug causing free space of another device to be shown for host:
-Fixed Overwrite query to show real folder names, never titles (not unique)
-Fixed a bug in usb_mass that prevented backup of MC saves using backslash in names
-Fixed a bug in HddManager that caused freezing with Sony-style protected partitions
-Raised an index limit for partition arrays from 100 to 400 for larger disk support
-Added progress messages to GetHddInfo function (mainly for debugging)
-Changed HddManager to cause partition list refresh for the FileBrowser when needed
-Changed HddManager to use configurable colours
-Added four more configurable colours to Screen Settings for GUI graphs (eg: HddManager)
-Merged HddManager contributed by Polo. It can be launched as MISC/HddManager

LaunchELF v3.72 (2006.05.24) submitted by chippy56
-Fixed a bug that sometimes caused incorrect display of free MC space
-Fixed a bug that prevented correct display of file size sums of 4GB or more
-Fixed a bug that prevented correct display of free size for HDD partitions > 4GB
-Changed various configuration menus for better consistency and appearance

LaunchELF v3.71(2006.05.21) Submitted by chippy56
-Changed browser to allow MISC/ pseudodevice for manual browsing (except 'FileBrowser')
-Changed browser to select folder created by 'New Dir' command
-Changed browser to select object preceding object(s) removed by 'Delete' command. For multiple marks the object preceding the first deleted one will become selected, and at delete failure an attempt will be made to keep selection unchanged (may fail though).
-Removed test message from triggerPowerOff function (was visible at PS2PowerOff)
-Fixed a bug that made 'Disc Control' necessary for Launch Key paths using CD

LaunchELF v3.70 (2006.05.18)
-Fixed a bug from v3.69 that messed up screen when switching CNFs or canceling CONFIG
-Changed text for ynDialog used to confirm Delete operations

LaunchELF v3.69 (2006.05.18) Submitted by chippy56
-Changed MISC/PS2PowerOff function to work without either HDD or Network Adaptor
-Changed MISC/PS2Net message to "Loading NetFS and FTP Server Modules..."
-Changed Clipboard indicator to make it larger (now 14 pixels total width)
-Changed 'New Dir' command to avoid 'automatic' navigation (stay in old dir)
-Changed display of file names during Paste/mcPaste operations
-Changed ynDialog and nonDialog to preserve operational messages on screen
-Changed ynDialog to clean up screen background after completion
-Changed text for ynDialog used in query to continue/abort paste operations

LaunchELF v3.68 (2006.05.14)
-Added LED-like clipboard content indicator Red=CUT, Green=COPY (overlaps scrollbar)
-Added ability to abort Paste/mcPaste file transfers (partial dest file is removed)
-Added loadable custom key maps for the USB keyboard driver. Note that the built-in font used at present is not capable of displaying non-english characters. Some such keys may correspond to graphics characters in this font, and will then be displayed as such, while other national keys may not have any corresponding font character. Those keys will then be displayed simply as an underscore character ('_').
-Added MISC/ShowFont for reference purposes (Displays font on screen until next input)
-Added 'Show Launch Titles' to main CONFIG with CNF variable Menu_Show_Titles. When set this causes Launch Key titles to be displayed instead of ELF pathnames. The variable Menu_Hide_Paths is no longer involved in that decision, though it was earlier.
-Moved 'TIMEOUT' config to 'STARTUP SETTINGS' as it only takes effect on startup
-Corrected a bug with tooltips for configurable files
-Rearranged various font operations to allow for larger fonts (more characters) later
-Corrected bug in string drawing routines (missing test for 2byte char validity)
-Corrected bugs in char drawing routines (missing tests for font array limits)
-Corrected a usb_mass bug (false error msg for folder creation in root directory)
-Updated ps2sdk's libpad.c in external projects source package. This is the same bugfix that EP added to libpadx.c in v3.67

LaunchELF v3.67 (2006.05.13) Submitted by chippy56
-Added PS2PowerOff function to MISC. Only works with PS2's that have a hard drive installed?
-Updated ps2sdk's libpadx.c in external projects source package.
-Added fixed header files to the libito external projects source package. This eliminates all the compiler warnings related to libito when building launchELF. Note: includes ito.h, itodma.h, itotypes.h, itomisc.h, itosyscalls.h, and itoimage.h.

LaunchELF v3.66 (2006.05.11) Submitted by chippy56
-Added Triangle as quick exit button for all CONFIG menus, and at top level this acts the same way as the 'Cancel' command. The purpose of this is to allow you to exit and recover original settings, if you accidentally create settings that make the screen text invisible. All you need do in such a case is to press Triangle repeatedly. When you reach the main menu, all settings will have been restored.
-Added ability to complete boot without any gamepad connected. Note that you'll need a USB keyboard to use uLaunchELF without gamepad, and that this keyboard must be enabled in the CNF (also default). If you connect a gamepad after booting, then it needs to be a Sony original, or fully compatible, otherwise it may fail to work correctly.
-Added startup setting to enable (also default) or disable the USB keyboard driver. This setting uses the new CNF variable USBKBD_USED.
-Added startup setting for external keyboard driver as alternative to that built in. Note however that this is not compatible to Sony drivers, but only to those from PS2SDK. This setting uses the new CNF variable USBKBD_FILE.
-Modified browser for CNF paths, to block browsing USB to set USB drivers (can't work)
-Modified browser for CNF paths, to block browsing MISC for anything except launch keys
-Fixed a bug in the initialization of the keyboard, which made it work only if mass: had already been accessed in the boot process (either for booting, or for skin loading).
-Fixed a bug causing the wrong tooltip to be shown for Init_Delay in 'STARTUP SETTINGS'
-Fixed a bug which has prevented external USBD.IRX drivers from being used. This bug never reported any errors, but merely caused the internal driver to be used at all times. The new routine will only fall back on the internal driver if loading of the external one really fails, or if no external driver was specified.
-Fixed a bug in skin loading that caused a file handle never to be closed if a JPG file was selected with zero size, or a size for which memory allocation fails.

LaunchELF v3.65 (2006.05.09)
-Implemented 'Rename' for PS1 MC files (still not possible for PS2 MC)
-Merged support for USB keyboard in filename entry, contributed by Polo
-Added support for USB keyboard as alternate gamepad in uLaunchELF.
NB: See separate file "keyboard.txt" for additional details.

LaunchELF v3.64 (2006.05.08)
-Fixed some bugs in launch key title management.

LaunchELF v3.63 (2006.05.07)
-Implemented user defined launch key titles for use in the main menu, in place of the ELF names. Such titles can be edited in the main CONFIG menu, but doing so is completely optional. The file name will be used (as previously) if no title is defined for an entry. Titles will only be displayed if the option "HIDE FULL ELF PATHS" is set ON in the CONFIG menu. Otherwise the full ELF path is shown (that setting replaces the old entry "PRINT ONLY FILENAME"). Titles will be saved to the CNF file in the form "LK_xxxx_Title", where xxxx is some button designation (eg: "Circle", "Square", etc. By editing the CNF directly you can also define some titles that are not accessible in CONFIG. These are LK_Select_Title, LK_Left_Title, and LK_Right_Title, and those titles will then be used for the corresponding entries in the main menu, even though these are not really launch keys. Note that the current virtual keyboard places a 33 char limit on these titles. This limit will be extended later. All other parts of the implementation allows for 70 characters.
-Modified timeout halting, so that timeout will continue even if a button is pressed, if that button lacks any defined purpose in uLaunchELF. This is intended to allow button commands to mod chips without affecting the timeout of uLaunchELF.
-Added configurable init delay, so that button commands to mod chips can be used in the starting of uLaunchELF, and yet allow the user time to release those keys before uLaunchELF starts responding to any buttons. If a default program has been defined, its timeout delay will not start until the init delay has completed. You can control the new delay through the new CNF variable Init_Delay, which has a default value of zero. This new delay method also replaces the one used for emergency booting, as introduced in v3.62, but using a default delay of two seconds for that boot method (since no CNF is expected then).
-Dropped the 'emergency' CNF inhibit feature introduced in last version, as it interferes with compatibility to other launchers. (Partly some gamepad driver issue.)

LaunchELF v3.62 (2006.05.06)
-Improved free space calculation, to make it work correctly for PS1 memory cards
-Changed browser display to show final slash for all links to directories, which was not done previously for ".." or for gamesave titles.
-Added support for PS1 gamesave titles, both as separately copied gamesave files, and in the standard form produced by the built-in PS2 browser (save file in folder of same name). You can easily tell the difference from the fact that folders always have a slash at the end of the string, even in title mode.
-Reimplemented string cursor blinking for virtual keyboard
-Added support for both keypads, in parallel. Use both or either one, with no need for the other to be connected.
-Added emergency CNF inhibit. Pressing 'Select' button during startup will prevent the normal loading of "LAUNCHELF.CNF". This can be used either to load an "EMERGENCY.CNF" file holding user-defined defaults, or to fall back on the built-in defaults (simply by not having any "EMERGENCY.CNF" file). When the emergency button is used there will be an extra 2 second delay from program init until button commands are accepted, to allow the user time to release the 'Select' button (so it is not misinterpreted as a normal command).

LaunchELF v3.61 (2006.04.18)
-Added PathPad array for user defined browser shortcuts which can be accessed in browser by pressing R2 to bring up the PathPad submenu. Though not strictly a CNF variable, since it doesn't really configure anything, this array is saved at the end of each CNF file, so the paths can be reused in future sessions. (The main purpose of this is to minimize repetitive manual browsing) NB: There is no separate save command for this feature, so you must enter the CONFIG menu and then exit it with 'OK', to resave a CNF with PathPad.
-Modified some menus for consistent use of Triangle button
-Modified MISC/PS2Browser to make it go directly to that browser (as before v3.50)
-Slightly modified CD init for MISC/PS2Disc launching (eliminated a rare error case)

LaunchELF v3.60 (2006.04.11)
-Split the background colour usage into one colour used by libito/GS for pixels outside of the normal screen area, and another used inside the normal screen area. The former will now always be max black (value 0) while the latter will remain as used previously. This change eliminates the inconsistent colouring of screen borders, making them consistently black from now on.
-Added configurable option for opaque popup menus to the 'SCREEN SETTINGS' submenu.
-Fixed a bug in loadSkin function, that prevented skins from being loaded from HDD folders using long path strings (as for deeply nestled folders or very long names). That bug may have caused other errors too, depending on path strings used
-Fixed a cosmetic bug that affected top right corner of menu frame in filebrowser, when using simple colour setup instead of JPG skin.

LaunchELF v3.59 (2006.04.04)
-Modified 'CONFIG' so that 'CANCEL' restores original skin state
-Modified 'SCREEN SETTINGS' so that 'DEFAULT SCREEN SETTINGS' turns off skin
-Modified main menu so that 'LOAD CONFIG++' and 'LOAD CONFIG--' will update all screen settings correctly. This was already done for skin, but not for screen offset and interlace.
-Fixed a bug that made v3.58 use wrong default value for vertical screen offset

LaunchELF v3.58 (2006.04.04) No download available
-dlanor: Fixed a bug that could corrupt a Launch Key setting, if you started to browse for a new ELF of a launch key whose old ELF was on MC, and then cancelled out of the browser
-dlanor: Tweaked some display parameters to improve visibility of characters at the 'edges' of the screen. Mainly needed for top and bottom lines (esp corner characters)
-dlanor: Readjusted some display parameters so that file browser now uses 26 rows for PAL, and 22 rows for NTSC.
-dlanor: Modified the methods of handling display parameters, to make it easier to modify screen layouts
-dlanor: Corrected various implementation bugs of the new resolution for NTSC
-dlanor: Added support for either PAL or NTSC TV modes on either PAL or NTSC consoles. The TV mode is configurable in 'STARTUP SETTINGS', and requires reset of the console to activate a changed mode
-dlanor: Renamed the "SKIN SETTING" submenu to "SKIN SETTINGS" as it has two settings now
-Polo35: Reimplemented much of the graphics routines, to provide new higher resolutions of 640x512 for PAL consoles and 640x448 for NTSC consoles
-Polo35: Added brightness control for skins. This allows skin pictures to be used that would not work otherwise because they contain both bright and dark areas, so that text would become invisible on parts of the background. By adjusting skin brightness you can ensure text readability with any picture. Brightness is configurable in 'SKIN SETTINGS' submenu

LaunchELF v3.57 (2006.04.02)
-Fixed a bug that interfered with timeout for default ELF launching

LaunchELF v3.56 (2006.04.02) No download available
-Added CONFIG option 'Menu Frame:'. Default is ON, stored in CNF as 'Menu_Frame = 1"
-Modified all menus/submenus to minimize redundant display calls (offload GS). The purpose of this change is mainly to reduce the risk of screen flicker, but another side effect is that the program may be more responsive, as it no longer wastes time on unneded work
-Fixed a skin problem by adding 'itoGsFinish()' calls after skin texture load calls

LaunchELF v3.55 (2006.03.30) Submitted by Aesirz

-dlanor: Rearranged colour configuration in 'SCREEN SETTINGS' to make more room
-dlanor: Moved menu title configuration to 'SCREEN SETTINGS'
-dlanor: Added colour patches and descriptive labels to colour configuration
-dlanor: Changed colour configuration format to hex, so as to match CNF file
-Polo35: Moved skin configuration to 'SCREEN SETTINGS'
-Polo35: Added JPG skin preview

LaunchELF v3.54 (2006.03.29)
-Removed limitation that prevented use of JPG skins stored on HDD
-Improved readability of source code by adding a new drawSprite function

LaunchELF v3.53 (2006.03.28) Submitted by ubergeek42
-dlanor: Added user editable menu title (individual per menu page)
-Polo35: Sealed some memory leaks in the JPG background skin implementation.
-Polo35: Improved vertical resolution of JPG skin by 87.5% (240/128)

LaunchELF v3.52 (2006.03.26)
-Merged in JPG background implementation, contributed by 'Polo35' at PS2-Scene.
-Combined hdd patches to a single IRX for both PS2 and PStwo, eliminating the need for model-dependent ELFs. Now all models of PS2 and PStwo can use the same ELFs.
-Modified the partition 'hiding' of both the main program and the FTP server, so as to allow normal file/folder access to the partition "__common", used by the Sony HDD browser for memory card backups.
-Modified the timeout method so that pressing any gamepad keys will permanently halt the timeout. The timeout will also be halted once the DEFAULT action has been performed. This is useful for those who set up "MISC/PS2Net" as DEFAULT action, to start FTP server.
-Modified menu handling, to prevent all file/folder write access to the pseudo-folder of "host:/" which is equivalent to the "elflist.txt" file on the host system (normally your PC). Such access is meaningless, but the commands were not blocked previously.

LaunchELF v3.51 (2006.03.03) Submitted by cman1783
-Added experimental support for HDD on 'slim PStwo' models, released as separate ELFs in the same release ZIP. Developers should be aware that this patch adds a new module to PS2SDK, named "*ps2hd_slim_PStwo.irx" and serving the same purpose for those models that "ps2hd.irx" does for traditional PS2 models. Thanks go to 'lonwern' at PS2-Scene for pointing out the precise function in the source code that needed patching.

LaunchELF v3.50 (2006.03.01)
-Modified the ELF loader so it can reside at the same address used in LaunchELF versions earlier than v3.46, and still retain compatibility with current version of PS2Link. This eliminates the incompatibility that v3.46-v3.49 had with some unpacker stubs, and thus with all programs using those stubs, (notably myPS2). Full compatibility is now restored for those programs.

LaunchELF v3.49 (2006.02.26)
-Fixed an issue where garbage could be displayed at startup when LaunchELF was booted by another programs' generic launcher function. (Note: Issue only appeared to occur randomly with the packed ELF when using only one CNF).

LaunchELF v3.48 (2006.02.25)
-EP corrected a bug in the reading of free size on MC. This bug could cause menu commands to fail with extremely slow MC. (Noted with 64MB MCs from Datel.) Thanks go to 'cmal1492' for bringing this bug to our attention. (It is older than the uLaunchELF project.)

LaunchELF v3.47 (2006.02.22)
-Corrected a serious bug in the IOP Reset routine (reverse logic for SifIopSync).

LaunchELF v3.46 (2006.02.20)
-Modified the ELF loader of LaunchELF to improve compatibility with PS2Link. This resulted in slightly smaller code, and as a side effect the loader will no longer display the name of the ELF to be loaded on screen. The major benefit is that LaunchELF will work well with the new version of PS2Link, also released this night. Thanks go to Drakonite for his advice on how to improve this compatibility.

LaunchELF v3.45 (2006.02.19)
-Fixed a LaunchELF bug that prevented folder overwrites when pasting to HOST.
-Fixed a PS2Client bug that prevented detection of folder conflicts on HOST.
-Added a progress report (written file bytes counter) to 'Paste' and 'mcPaste'.
-EP fixed a few issues that prevented PS1 memory cards from appearing in FTP listing. (Note: Files on PS1 memory cards lack timestamps so the timestamps come from the current PS2 system time).

LaunchELF v3.44 (2006.02.18)
-Implemented HOST interface write access to networked PC. This uses a new CNF variable named "NET_HOSTwrite" which has a default value of "0" meaning it is disabled. For reasons of safety there is no way to change this value from the config menu. Edit it yourself, and set its value to "1" (or any other non-zero value) to enable the new abilities, which include the following menu functions 'Cut', 'Paste', 'mcPaste', 'Delete', 'Rename', 'New Dir'. Note that most of the new functions require a very recent version of ps2client or RadHostClient to function, and at present the 'Rename' function only works with the ps2client version specially patched for LaunchELF. (Available in the LaunchELF forum.) (NB: file writing seems bugged in RadHostClient v1.5)
-Added modified sources for ps2client to the folder "Changed source for external projects".

LaunchELF v3.43 (2006.02.16)
-This release is purely a bugfix for an old bug in the HOST interface. That bug was mostly harmless in older versions, but became capable of freezing the console in v3.41u and v3.42.

LaunchELF v3.42 (2006.02.15)
-Implemented mcPaste command in submenu. Like the old Paste command this copies all selected files and folders (recursively), but it is specially intended for MC backups. It can only be used either to copy from MC to non-MC (making backups from MC) or to copy from non-MC to MC (restoring backups to MC). These backups on non-MC media will have an extra file in each folder, holding the original MC attributes and timestamps of all files in that folder. This data will be used when restoring the backups to MC, so that games will accept the restored files as being the originals. The 'extra' files are filtered out from such copying so they don't appear among the restored files on MC. Those 'extra' files all use the same filename, which is "PS2_MC_Backup_Attributes.BUP.bin" (to avoid any confusion with 'real' files).

summary of prior changes:

LaunchELF v3.41a (2005.05.30) - LaunchELF v3.41u (2006.02.13)
-IOP reset
-multiple CNF config loading
-key mapping to swap X and O associations
-FTP server and PS2NetFS support through key config MISC/PS2Net
-host: device support using ps2client
-alternate sort order for showing titles: L1=sort_by_title, L2=sort_by_folder

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is UlaunchELF better then keylaunch?

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do i add both files, BOOT.ELF & BOOTc.ELF?
do i need a KL.dat or do i edit the ELF?

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Yea put em both in, no you dont need kl.dat.
Ulaunch will let you configure it when you launch it the first time.
Ulaunch tutorial

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Cool, thanks for the tutorial

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Still dont understand whats the difference between ULaunchELF and LaunchELF?

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ulaunchelf is a modification of launchelf because i don't think that launchelf is updated anymore. i could be wrong though.

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Your correct ubergeek42
LaunchElf is the original app. The author no longer works on it, so others are & they are calling it The Unofficial Launchelf, UlaunchELF for short.

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Thats hillarious.

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