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Wii Anything about the Wii.

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  #1 Old 02-12-2007, 08:02 AM
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Default Wiip

A Wii modchip without the bullshit.

This section is dedicated to the Wiip modification project that was developed by TCNISO.

Wiip is a hardware mod for the Wii system that allows you to boot backup discs. This mod works by utilizing a cheap and simple microcontroller that communicates with the serial port of the Wii's hybrid DVD drive and overrides certain parts of the media's data stream. Allowing you to do all sorts of wonderful things (like boot backup discs).

The most important part of this project, is that it is open source! In addition to releasing the Wiip chip, on this page you will soon be able to download the PCB schematics, Wiip firmware and documentation! We hope by creating this project, other users will make modifications to our code for newer updates in the future (if needed).

The current features of Wiip are:

Actually upgradeable! Device is bundled with an easy to use programming cable.

20 MHz AVR microcontroller with 2KB of EEPROM (SMD type)

Customizable (via open source code)

Boots Wii games (DVD+R / DVD-R media)

Boots GC games and homebrew

AudioFix (naturally)

On board DIP switch (enable/disable mod, enable/disable stealth)

Works on DMS / D2A chipsets (sorry, we haven't worked on D2B yet)

The Wiip is going to be available for a mere $20 retail (and that includes shipping!) and will appear shortly in our online shop. Or the schematics, code, and software will be available so you can make one for less than $10! How is that for freedom?


Estimated shipping date 2/27/2007
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  #2 Old 02-16-2007, 11:29 AM
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Default wiip team interview

- Why have you choosed to release this chip as opensource?

Because Isabella (shes worked with TCNISO for 4+ years) really wanted to hack something new.

And also because we all felt there were too many BS uses simple exploits to capitalize on people (we are talking 800% markup rates etc).

- How much time have you spent for this project?

So far about 3 weeks.

- How many people worked at this project?


But in the past, most exploits we have developed has usually been just 3 people.

- What was the hardest and the easiest thing in the project?

We are accustomed to writing 100-200 KB assembly code modifications.

So writing < 1000 bytes (8-bit) asm to replicate our serial port program was a walk in the park.

The hardest part is developing the PCB boards, since we usually do not run prototype boards.

As with most of the boards we have printed for other projects, we made 1 draft of a board and
printed 500 of them.

Hoping that the original design was correct.

P.S. So far they have been.

- I read about lots of people that are trying to describe your work as a fake oss, and saying that oss are for free.

What do you want to say them? ( Offcourse without offensive terms )

It’s simple, Open Source= free. Also, I posted in their official forum thread to”clear” up their claims.

But most of the users there said “they already knew the truth, they just want to make up BS.”

- What do you think about the possibility that people start making up wiip using tutorials and free firmware and sell them? Have you planned something in this way?

We are not interested in making money from this project.

We have other projects we do that for.

- Let’s talk about wiip, it is said to be the only real and proofed upgradable chipset for wii, can you describe ( in little words ) how to upgrade your chipset? Is it hard or very easy?

The best part about this modchip is that it uses a semi-low cost ATMEL microcontroller that can be programmed easily from a computer’s parallel port.

We added a small 10 pin port to the board (similar to the port found in cable modems) that you can connect the included programmer to.

Then you can use freeware software to program it (such as PonyProg).

It’s easy, it’s low cost, and its perfect for this sort of application.

- At this moment your chip is compatible with d2b controllers? If no, do you plan a firmware upgrade to solve this, or should wait for a brand new chipset?

The chip is compatible but the code we have written so far is not.

It’s not a complicated task, we just need an actual Wii that has one of the chipsets.

Basically in my opinion, support for that chipset will be out (maybe as a firmware update) by the end of the month.

- Can you give us a little preview about the shopping list we have to plan to be able to made up a wiip from scratch?


You need a some 220ohm resistors, the ATMEL AVR (2321), a resonator, 2x 22pF capacitors, and all the basic stuff (prefboard, parallel contact cup, wire, etc.)

- Do you want to add something?

Yes, keep checking our official Wiip page for updates.

We plan to release the schematics, code, DismFirmware, as we finish them up and before the boards are back from printing.
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