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Wii Anything about the Wii.

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Default Wiic

- WII/GC Backup play
- Supports multi-disc games
- GC Import play with swap
- GC Homebrew play
- GC Audiofix
- Easy install
  • Quicksolder or
    5 wires
    Gold-plated solder pads
    Thin (0.3mm) PCB
- Multi-Function LED indicator
  • POST (Power On Self Test)
    Install Diagnostic and Status
- Failsafe Update (recover after failed update)
  • Disc Channel (DVD)
    Photo Channel (requires 1 extra wire)
    SD Card (requires extra SD connector and 5 wires)
- Non-volatile configuration storage
- Optional wire for full chip disable
- ESD (anti static) packaging
- RoHS compliant (PbFree)

Product Compatability
- Wii Console: EU/JPN/US version
- DVD Drive/chipset: Any (currently known)
- DVD Medai: DVD-R, DVD+R

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