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» SKS in 2017
» Toxic OS
» Can not download ps2 OPL art/icons/themes
» any ps2 users still out there
» where are the special files?
» yo!!
» Shoulder Mod puts my PSP to Sleep
» Title.DB problem
» ABOUT matrix infinity 1.99
» Is anyone still doing free mcboot installs?
» SKSApps HDL compatibility list submissions
» OPL Game naming script anyone?
» MATRIX wont load ulf
» DEV2 boot multiple try orange screen
» GBA emulateur for ps2
» GBA emulator?
» Need help troubleshooting: internal sata HDD with OPL
» Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System Problem with HDL 0.8c
» uLaunchELF Updates - Pg 2
» Toxic OS Help
» please help me
» Help with chip moded PS2 and use of FMcB
» Create Fonts for Boot Manager
» A PS2 Soft mod kit is being sold
» Ps3 super slim for sell will cobra ode installed
» Trolled w/ Cheap DS2 Controller
» Needing help backing up memory card to usb to pc
» Installing Microsoft Windows 7 Based Servers
» PS2 sale
» FMCB Installer Service
» Need help running Swap Magic from memory card
» Error -223 Please help :(
» Question/Theory: Exploting Real PS2's (fat) with PCSX2
» Gran Turismo 4 problem
» Cant play my ps2 any more
» Open ps2 loader - ETH Games do not show up
» Can't install FMCB in Modded ps2 with Super-7 E17 chip
» "Beat Down Fists of vengace" not working
» PS2 Slim with Matrix Infinity Issue With external HDD
» problem Mc and Free McBoot ?
» uLaunchELF from A to Z please help !
» 4tb drive possible?
» multiMAN ver 04.07.00 FULL
» Ps2 emulator for free mcboot or ps2 at all?
» Infinity matrix v1.5 problem
» Quick and dirty Exploit Install w/ retail HDL/HDA disc
» Run OpenPS2Loader from a disc
» DK country help needed pls SNES Station
» How to install FreeMC Boot
» Noob in need
» Need some assistance (Freemcboot, Codebreaker)
» Modchip List
» Need Help ! ! !
» No emualtors are working for me!
» Need guidance for booting Free MCBoot disc
» PS2 games
» hellp me please
» Open PS2 Loader can't set PS2 IP settings
» Some Socom CA CodeMajic codes. (AfterPatch)
» uLaunchELF Question
» How to install free mcboot on a modded ps2?
» Need some help
» Stella deus gate of éternity Undub version
» Need help with original sony fat ps2 40gb hdd
» Free HDBoot uLaunchelf V4.42b
» WTB: DMS3 2.0 / Plus
» WTB: Xecuter 3 or 3 CE / X3 LCD or Control panel.
» Shadow Man Second Coming IOPRP swap
» Few question !
» fmcb wont load backups from different source?
» Codebreaker how to make .cbc files
» Help please guys
» Mario 3D homebrew running on PS2
» FMCB w/ CogSwap won't load
» Jailbreakers should update to iOS 7.0.4 soon!
» swap with smackdown vs raw(2004, sles 52781) for mcboot
» Nes emulation.
» FCE Ultra freezes on startup only after save
» Ps2 hard drive installation help
» Is there a AP for mcboot to play Jap games besides ESR
» Please help! Elf file won't boot!
» Installing a Vidock +
» Timeleak Laptop HD Card Capturer
» MY Newest PC build...
» POPStarter
» Any possible way to Cheat on GTA-San andreas android
» PSMS Reloaded - Sega Master System Emu V0.4
» pgen loading problem
» PlayStation 4 will launch in North America on November 15, and Nov. 29 in Europe.
» way to load ELFs on HDD from FMCB Hacked OSD
» hello search codes work no random battle pal french for shadow heart 1 and 2 thanks
» PS2: GTA San Andreas PTMG Mod
» I shouldn't PM people that don't want to be PM'ed and should have created this thread
» SMS Audio Synch
» Another Codebreaker Problem topic
» Apache 1.1 Debug error
» Western Digital 120GB on PS2 phat
» Black Screen
» How to play backups?
» MemoryCard Save hack ?
» List available homebrew PS2 games?
» External hard drive or Dvd-r
» QUERY: PS2 games in 7-Zip format
» psx back up help
» PS3 Help? EYE
» PS 3 Faq new to playstation 3 please help
» The Playstation 4 is here!
» HDD Compability > Modify or Not?
» Multi game iso
» 40% More USB Advance Games Work
» free mc boot v/s PSX (yes the japanese one)
» PGEN (codejunkies version)
» where does my post goes?
» NoObS fIrSt StOp @ SKSApps
» OsDatel - FMCB Alternative
» SMS - AVI Limits
» i need help for my hdd ps2
» Help please
» Can't get codebreaker working with OPL/PS2 ESDL
» helloooooo members
» How to install homebrew on ps2 with M7 MP788 modchip
» Create ps2 games (bennugd)
» FMCB freeze?
» Confused...
» Sony's next gen console is almost here!
» Blinking in GTA V at start up
» Ps2NeoPop Help Req.
» Need help!
» Codebreaker error on Ps2 slim Pal
» [Help] Dealing with the .cfg file to enable background art in opl
» problem with opl igr
» .hack//IFECTION etc voiceovers not playing in HDL
» Can someone recommend me a HDD for PS2
» A question about the cobra ODE
» MK Armageddon acts weird with armax
» Ripping DVD9 PS2 Games to HDD
» need help FMCB problem
» FMCB on 9000x
» FMCB hdd install?
» PS2 Slim Networking Problem!!! Please Help
» Sony Announces Ps4 Launch dates
» Cant load my saved game in PS2psx3
» FMCB Install NETGUI.ELF Madden 04 not working on SCPH 39001
» PlayStation 4 (coming to you on 11/15/2013)
» Is any IDE Hard Drive compatible with the NA?
» loading conf_opl.cfg on HDD
» Burning GC games
» HDLoader - Using the Whole Hard Drive
» everyone Help me please, periperal for install PS2 with HDD Internal.
» Winhhip and HDLOADER
» scph 90004
» ROMS are'nt showing up in PGEN
» working copy of Rogue Galaxy?
» Help!!!
» Can't install FMCB by AR Max
» HDLoader 8b or 8c disc error
» Can Anyone Help Me? AR Max won't work on my PS2 5001
» Seeking help with swap magic 3.8 coder
» FMCB Compiling Tutorial?
» Jailbreaking PS3 Slim 4.46? Is it possible?
» External hard drive and game compatibility
» Need help, trying to isolate the "EMBED" fuction from FMCB source
» Mod doesn't work
» Has anyone heard about the Super Soft Mod?
» How to Create Partition for Movies?
» Some Games Don't Have Video, But Audio
» Any Resident evil 4 fans here?
» ps2dev unavailable
» USB on PS2
» Ps2/PsTwo Discontinued by Sony
» please help
» Sony Official PS2 HDD Questions...
» jailbreaking super slim ps3?
» Trouble with CD installation
» Does FMCB works on Non-Chipped PS2?
» Just a thanks giving
» Need Help For My ps2 slim
» NTSC Network adapter on PAL console?
» ps2 slim with chip modbo 750 help need to boot elf files
» Need help
» Hello everyone....
» About Auto-Boot HDL and Chip
» PS3 with os 2.6
» [Help] Conflict Desert Storm Fix
» How to make my own 'swap trick' game method without 007 etc?
» any way to completely delete MC off memcard
» Weird Modbo chip
» PS2 MC not detected after failure ULE launch
» pes 11 & pes 13 on HDloader
» Free McBoot Swapmagic USB load problem
» [Help] Add Games on OPL (Open PS2 Loader)
» Msystem.cnf Generator
» HDD for fat ps2
» uLauncher not working PS2 SCPH-79001
» How to play ps1 games on a softmoded ps2
» God of War 1 freezes on the first loading screen on HDD
» Help with SMS
» How to check whether a modchip is orignal or cloned without open the PS2
» Movies on PS2
» PS2 fat don´t recognize usb drive
» SMS .iso DVD?
» Is my Network Adapter faulty?
» unable to change boot.elf in hdd using ulaunch
» PS2 Linux Live DVD Version 3
» Help softmodding Memory card.
» Hdld
» ESR not launching properly through FMCB
» Can I launch App at Boot?
» Open PS2 Loader 0.8 Problem HELP!!
» Adventures in USB gaming...
» Hello
» hdd recognize problems
» Another HDL Server & Dumb/GUI malfunction over Direct Connection.
» MementoFW 1.2e registers as a virus.
» Playstation 2 1/2 working with DMS 4 Pro
» Open PS2 Loader
» Does ps2pal2ntsc work?
» Ps2 help
» Where to Start Making Homebrew?
» USB advance problem
» Using SMS with HDLoader
» SMS has problem with 1 specific srt
» 3k3y Review by modrobert
» Having troubles with Apache v1.1
» OPL Question
» adding hdd on ps2
» Noob having trouble getting games to play from a external hard drive
» Rogero CEX-4.30 v2.00 / CEX-4.21 v2.00 / multiMAN ver 04.12.00 / Showtime 04.01.224
» Happy New Year
» Software Repair Stick COntroller
» Final Fantasy X - where's the data?
» FMCB Install Tutorials
» A recent compile of OPL
» Trouble with DMS4 Pro
» PS1 backups not working on matrix infinity 1.93
» uLaunchELF 007:AUF install issue - Apache 1.1
» uLaunchElf won't paste into my custom partitions..
» WinHiip is not recognizing my HDD
» MC Exploit, HDD, Codebreaker 9.2 Original CD How to use it?
» Fastest HDD method for fat?
» Ps Vita Exploit
» using cheats on hard drive installed games??
» create or show me how to make a ps2 menu
» Codebreaker V10...
» cheat help
» ESR r9b launch problem
» Run Burned PSX Games without a modchip
» Loading FMB without swapping on a hardmodded ps2 slim
» Configuring FMCB to load straight into an emulated game from the menu
» Lenschanger help and question, thanks in advance
» I need some help with coding mugen
» Transferring FMCB onto another memory card
» Codebreaker 9.2 booting backups
» 1X000 JAP PS2 with HDD but no Disc... Help!
» configure fmcb to launch opl on boot?
» hdd on ps 2 slim new with mobdo chip
» Swap Magic 3.8 Discs for Sale
» Sigh. How to copy savegames with uLe
» Some of the apps launched by FMCB dont work, what can i do?
» ModBo 4.0 Install - I'm looking for a modder based in Ireland, UK or Europe
» Tried to downgrade ModBo 4.0 FW to 1.93 and now I'm stuck with a black screen!
» MGS3 Swap Disc not working! Goes to normal camo downloads
» How to edit ps2 game saves
» Fmcb - help !!!!
» question bout installing mc_boot
» Free Mc Boot PS2 Game swap trick help!!!!!!!
» how to replace PS2 loading screen in the dvd games
» Ps2 Game 'GUN' Not Loading After Ripping from DVD disc to HDD
» PS3 TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner v1.5 Update is Now Available
» PS3 CFW 4.XX+ F.A.R. (Full Auto Resigner) Script v0.5b is Released
» Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.04 / multiMAN ver 04.11.11 / Showtime 04.01.208
» How to play PAL games on NTSC PS2
» [Help]Side Éffect on Original Game CD after Using USBExtreme
» HDL and HDD Problems
» i need help on my scph-90004
» please help me...emulators ps2!!!
» PS3 LV0 (Bootldr Keys) Leak Development Clarification By Wololo
» Rogero CEX-4.21 CFW v1.00 Free for All
» Rogero CEX-4.21 CFW v1.00 Free for All
» EXCLUSIVE: Bluedisk-CFW v4.25 is offically released. Details and Video Proof Attached
» EXCLUSIVE: Bluedisk-CFW v4.25 is offically released. Details and Video Proof Attached
» Change game without reset in FCEUltra?
» multiMAN 04.07.00 (DEX) and (CEX) is Released
» FMCB stopped working
» Swap Magic Flip Top Slim Black 77001
» (Help)OPL
» Run 3.6+ games from DeX
» WinHiip + New HDD question
» PS3 DEX Open BDEMU HDD Manager By FreePlay is Now Released
» 3K3Y and Video
» Please report any errors. I updated the php version on the server Thanks!
» CEX to DEX to CEX Tutorial by yayes
» Replace SLES with uLaunch (Boot.elf)
» Hdd
» How can use ulaunch elf for network files?
» Problem loading BOOT.ELF
» DMS4 SE Pro mod chips for sale New in Package
» HDD-OSD Issues
» E3 FLASHER Fast Dual Boot Manual
» HDL and FMCB Help
» Modified Playstation 2 scph-50001 with DMS4 SE Pro, Toxic OS
» PS2 Linux Live V3 Question
» installed fmcb on slim ps2 works fine put memory crd in fat ps2 and doesn't work help
» PS2 39001 Troubleshooting Help
» WTB:PS2 mod chip
» What are you playing right now
» ELF's Backwards Compatible PS3 (Radshell)
» play game from usb stick?
» one more noob Q
» 007- From Russia with Love FMCB
» What the hell, I might as well post a couple builds
» Mineral Oil Submerged PC in Aquarium (original video)
» Pelican PL-631 Arcade Style joystick, Need Info
» Identifying a modchip -- Removing RGB fix?
» Hey everyone!!!!!!!
» DIY Flightsim
» PS3 Cheats Editor 1.1
» Whats wrong with the site
» Installing HDLoader on Hard Disk using Infinity Manager
» please help me regarding ps2 hack
» Official 'RetroArch v0.9.7' Released
» .hack//Infection not working
» Downloading/Burning ISO's help
» Backup games work on Ar Max???
» Save Network Settings to mc1?
» HI guys
» HdLoader/HDD problem?
» A few questions
» Psp E 1003
» Open PS2 Loader Error 300
» AceKard 2 4.22 Firmware for DS and 3DS
» ExISo
» Bluray Region Changer
» Need help with PS2
» SNES station MC or DVD?
» Been a crazy month
» Just trying to save memory card data to USB/PC...
» Loading games from PC Hard Drive?
» PS1 Game Can't Read PS2 MC
» noob questions (long :_)
» Binary Chat
» External Drive not Working
» Can someone help me how to get FreeMCBoot working!
» Newbie needs some help!
» Is there any other softwares like FMCB for PS2 (My PS2 is SCPH 90004)
» FMCB Successfully installed But Not loads Ulaunch
» Vmc
» Open PS2 Loader Ethernet
» What is uLaunchELF_V4.42a ??same than the one i recorded in DVD?+PENDRIVEI SSUE
» USB file unreadable?
» FCE Ultra on PS2
» Eyetoy
» FMCB Modded PS2 - Unable to play backedup PSX Games
» XBOX Online!!
» OPL didn't see the HDD Games?
» OPL can't see the games in HDD?
» USB ADvance not wrking
» Problem on USB Advance on memory card Using DEV1 (Black Screen)
» Problem with BAttlefield 2 and OPL
» Smash Court Tennis:PRo Tournament 2 not working
» Monkey Ball adventure?
» PS2 Slim Power Brick
» Downloadable Visual Basic 6
» Internal hard drive game installation problems.
» The "List" and how it applies to OPL
» Freeware games
» !!
» Free Mcboot burn games
» HELP:Open PS2 Loader troubles
» esr disk patcher
» Genuine Matrix Infinity Chips Wanted
» Just burn the iso and then swap it?
» ps3 cech 3000
» official ps2-ps3 memory card adaptor help
» Could a ethernet to usb hdd work?
» God of War & OPL
» Codebreaker Day1 fix causes screen freeze
» OPL hd defrag!!
» error message on installing Free mcboot
» Modbo 4.0 v1.99 with Install Wire
» What do i need....
» Quick OPL Qs
» Matrix Infinity, R2 and L2 buttons as shortcut
» opl not reading games!!
» using the 007 install method
» ps2 MC Cant be found by some games
» Free McBoot 1.8b Noobie Package error on decriptiong DVDELF
» Black Screen when i try to run FMCB installer
» Codebreaker ELF Issues
» can you still use the memory card for games?
» Matrix Infinity with Korea word on it
» Need Help with PS2 Laser HD7 Replacement
» do d_skins work with swap magic?
» launching swap magic through xploder
» Greetings, Good People
» opl 8
» Smackdown vs Raw 2011 HDLoader/OPL
» Plzz help
» FMCB buttons not working correctly`
» How do you install Yellow Dog on 4.10 Firmware?
» Convert codes to Codebreaker
» Trouble booting PS2 Game swap trick
» How To: Play PS2 Back-Ups On PS3
» Problem BLACK SCREEN after Cogswap
» transferring an ISO off a mac using uLe
» Loading images onto an HDD with uLe and a mac
» Black Screen When Trigger Disc is Loading
» PS3 3.73 Jailbreak help!
» Newbie Question
» Cheats & Memory Card Management
» Connecting HDD to computer through USB
» Psp Tutorials Requests
» does anyone still install hard drives in a orignal xbox?
» Updating HDLoader to 8C
» YLOD after playing LA Noire
» Noob FMCB question
» OPL 0.8 rev.586 ChildProof version
» Need guild to make HD-Pro Working
» Question about something in 2006\2007
» free mcboot full !!!
» phat ps2 info
» AR max and fmcb install issues
» OPL problems on PS3
» Vmc
» how to install boot manager themes
» Playstation 2 with Matrix Infinity mod chip
» Can't upload skins
» Hdloader
» FreeMcBoot installed in SLIM use in PHAT
» OPL gaming over NAS with Samba Servers
» p-gen ps2 Failed ot load rom!
» Removing PS2 Optical Drive???
» HDL freezes on loading screen
» Sharkport/No GAme Shark :(
» help burn ulaunchelf to a cd
» help installed free mcboot ps2 slim type scph7500 pal
» help what is the best way to burn uLe files to a cd...
» How can I rename _common partition created by Winhiip?
» ps2 bios downgrade
» opl v 0.9
» What models of the ps2 slim with this work on?
» USBAdvance on Memory Card
» software require in order to make ulaunch elf skin
» all games r not shown in usb advance or opl0.8
» no picture on ps2
» hell there
» How does the OPL work?
» Scph-90001 8c
» Looking for gaming/video playing led lcd
» open ps2 loader network issue
» Soo just bored and kinda wondering
» Instal FMCB on not modded ps2
» PS2 slim problem (disc no spin) after replacing new laser
» opl and usb advance not shown in main screenj
» opl and usb advance not shown in main screenj
» Help to show Hard PlayStation 2 in the list Browser
» This will work or not....Help..PS2
» Mp4 videos on ps2 from ubs drive?
» Free McB & HD Loader/HD Project
» Installed another HDD but Not Working
» Help! CDs aren't detected - even after uninstalling!
» Multiloader without memory card
» Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 | My Videos | NHS2008 |
» ps2 9004
» Help! my Modbo 4.0 get some problems!
» ps2vice 1.22b - hd and keyboard
» Need Info about the SATA Network Adafor PS2
» Noob needs help (AR MAX EVO)
» Can't get mcboot on memory card.
» It is Possible to put HDD without Network adapto on ps2 fat
» Installing games on the hard drive with a crossover cable
» NFS. ELF file ???
» Open PS2 Loader and Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
» How to run games from HDD without using CD (HDL)?
» Cafe for Play Station 2
» HD Loader or Open PS2 Loader?
» Crash Twinsanity PS2 Compatability Fixed And Working
» Introduce Yourself
» slowdown FMV in Final Fantasy XII
» hdloader on scph 90004
» Need help with PS1 exploit PLEASE!!!!!!
» XBXApps is up and running!
» Doesn't Openloader support Metal Gear Solid2 Substance?
» opl v0.8 compatibility issue
» opl v0.8 problem
» swap magic 3.6 burn img not run on modded console
» having problems with ulaunch and free mcboot
» Selling two xbox 360 and PS2 bundles
» CPS1 and CPS2 emulation
» Pc engine Ps2pce
» In need of help with PS1-ARMAX Exploit
» WIP: NDS3 / Nintendo DS Emulator
» USB-Powered External HDDs
» Hitman blood money and OPL v0.8 ?
» CWCheat for Psp Go..
» Fast Recovery PSP GO only
» opl help