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» Cobra Firmware v4.3 Released along with v3.01.00 of mmCM
» UPDATED: KaKaRoTo confirm his 'kind-of Jailbreak' will still work on latest v4.00
» Boot PSX apps on ps2 with swapmagic/fliptop Tutorial
» How to format ps2 hdd back to NTFS file sys?
» ESR Question
» OPLv0.8
» (Help) ineed this guide please
» MC Boot 1.8 problem on scph 70004CB
» Game Boy Advance
» Need help!
» copy game with ps2
» Plan on buying am Xbox360 without a DVD DRIVE
» agent under fire 007
» 6.20 firmware on 3004 psp
» Socom II Error msg
» Apache is Crashing
» Internal hdd format problem
» ISOs Stuck on White Screen with OPL
» SMS Network Mode? Duplex? Standard? Please Explain
» ps2 scph-9003 cb mod
» FMCB Installation
» Need Help Iinstalling FMCB
» what is a ripkit?
» Killzone custom maps: there must be a way.
» PS2 EyeToy to PC win7 x64
» Change your SPAMM filter system
» Most Stable Feature Rich CFW?
» SMS Freezes During Network Share (UPDATED THREAD)
» OPL freezes
» Website Error : "Unable to add cookies, header already sent."
» How long does random post approval take?
» Editing posts is Broken
» Website Error : Warning: substr_count()
» Is everything automated here?
» Without WWW
» problem with my PC blue or green dots on my desktop
» Cant post or reply in forums
» PS2 slim HDD modifications
» Cant post or reply in forums
» Hwoarang Special Techniques
» [Tutorial] PS2LOAD to making game boot for USBAdvance
» HDLoader and OPL Probleam, Please Help!
» how to install free mcboot without mod chip or swapmajic
» fmcb cd installation help
» How to Jailbreak PlayStation 3 on 3.55
» I need some information before I buy a PS3
» Will any of this work on PS2 Slim
» How to save Trophies when upgrading a HDD on a Jailbroken PS3
» Can I exchange the same game for a different system at gamestop?
» JTAG xbox 360 for sale or trade
» Help Xbox Turns On And Off Twice Then Stays On With Red And Orange Blinking LED
» Can I keep ps2 games and films on same hdd?
» Looking for XDumb
» How-to Upload Skins
» May I Know How to Play PS2 From HDD
» Disc ISO Copy question
» Help with MCKiller
» problem formatting hard drive with Winhiip
» Need I patching games before install on hdd?
» May I Know How to Play PS2 From HDD
» não consigo instalar skin no sms versao 2.9 rev 4 extensão *smi
» How does ps3 look on a regular television?
» Matrix infinity 1.99 (clone) chip issues
» Hello guys.
» unsure what to do here
» problem with softmodding
» avatar image
» help
» PS2 SCPH 90004 8d
» picked up an old ps3 on 2.42 fw...
» How to change Memory Card Region??
» PS2 Linux
» Question
» Problem Kingdom hearts 2 Pal on hdd
» slim fliptop/swapmagic
» PS2 70006 HDD mod/possible to use SATA using a IDE to Sata Converter
» Can't use WinHiip in Windows 7
» SMS Skins (.smi) converter
» Soft Mod(Failed)
» HD Loader problem
» Console-Exploits hacked !!!
» Need help rebuilding false-lba game
» Tutorial: Running Ps2psxe from a usb stick
» Playstation 3 for sale!
» ESR and all other options not working
» PSN down again September 2011
» Donwgrade from 3.56 t0 3.55
» launch opl from hdd with mobo 4 chip
» Now stream Netflix on your own PS2
» Need help installing Matrix infinity clone
» General Question about the burn method
» Directly Hooking NAS to PS2?
» Really needs to be .ELF to play it in PS2?
» What next
» F/S.... hd combo ps-2 slim w/ 250 gb hd installed, 8mb mc, 1 controller, av/power ca
» Legacy Cabal
» Where can I find cheats ?
» Help with codebreaker
» Swap mAgic Not working please help
» Yabasic?
» Update firmware
» got a dumb question about emulators?
» Can't boot Half-Life or Raiden III?
» ePSXe save to real memory card?
» Install HDD on PS2 - Windows 7
» Games above the DL limit? (+8gb)
» HDloader
» [RELEASE] Open PS2 Loader v0.8
» Iso/openloader problem
» new version USBUTIL V2.00 FULL (FRENCH)
» How to get psx launcher in the main menu??
» Can I Flash new XBOX 360 Slim 4GB???
» "PBPX_952.01" ISOs and OPL !!!!
» CB File Server !
» CL-LiveDebug PS2!
» Problems getting codebreaker or codes to work
» DNAS disc plz
» SMS problem playing movies
» Open PS2 Loader + MLB The Show
» Is there An emu. For Xbox360 ?
» help ps2slim hotswaping and creating the iso files and stuff
» Modbo 5.0, 5.0D what's your Opinion?
» Modified Xbox, Aladdin XT Plus-2, 320GB Maxtor HDD
» i know the basics ask me for help
» Modified PS2, Matrix Infinity, 320GB HDD, Datel Max Memory
» Modified PS2 90001, New in box, Modbo 4.0
» TOC error on Burned iso of 007AUF
» HDLOADER compatibility uLaunch?
» Help On USB port on PS2 (DEV2)
» hdadvance, trouble getting things going.. HELP
» Hacking?
» Problems with GTA using USBUtil.
» 2 Quick Questions
» FMCB succesfully installed but will not boot after restart
» What game consoles do you have?
» noob needs help
» Resident Evil 5 Sound problem??
» OPL/HDL programs similar for Xbox?
» CoinOPS 2 PC Engine CD problem
» Can a PS2 play a game that is burned on a HD DVD-R cd?
» Modified Playstation 2, Maxtor 320GB HDD, Matrix Infinity
» PS2 Slim scph-77001, Matrix Infinity v1.99
» website
» PS2: GTA San Andreas Superman Mod BETA
» Need some help with nightfire swapdisc method
» Problem wid OPLv0.8
» USBAdvance GTA games problem
» Gran Turismo 4 USBadvance/OPL
» Need Help AR Max + Last PS2
» Screwdriver needed for network adapter connection brackets?
» 1995 Ford Probe SE
» OPL Save Files to MC Slot 2
» Create a ps 2 format hard disk
» Any New Games..?For online..?
» Ratchet and Clank 3 [PAL] with OPL
» OPL Freezes Randomly
» Hdd murderr (unreadable and unrecognizable hdd)
» Usa/ntsc dnas ids
» Free FPS Online - Combat Arms
» I need help with an externally powered USB HD
» Sharp X68000X v1 controller help
» how to instal uLE to Blank HDD using a MC?
» Open ps2 loader v0.8 burning
» ESR - public beta
» help with swapmagic 3.6 usb install
» extra files on usb hdd
» Which USB HD do you use?
» what you guys play?
» need help
» Share your psn Asia, Europe, Japan, and Australia accounts
» Looking for an Xbox 360 CPU heatsink
» Open PS2 Loader pink screen of death
» Black Screen after loading internal HD game
» Hd loader installation without using any disc
» Possible new exploit with driv3r
» help usb detection failed hacked memory
» Xploder HDTV: I'm using the cracked version but I can't play backups...
» OPL v0.8 Soft-reset question
» SMS "Reading Media" for undef time with new 2tb USB-HD
» Guys need help with PGEN and Snes Station
» No clue where this would go but i need help
» Can you JB a 3.50 using Geohot's 3.55 JB? Please help
» Need some help with installing freemcboot on memory card
» Memento vs ESR Patcher
» uLaunch CD Setup help
» PS2 No Video No Audio Output
» matrix infinity
» Hi, Quick question, i Just found out i dont have a IDE port in my mother board
» OPL information
» PSX backups on PS2
» So, I'm trying to use the PS2 Game Swap method...
» HDL Dumb/p Freeze
» Please Help!
» Play pal games using opl 0.8 need help!
» Back again need help with ps2 linux
» I think i figured out the Problem
» in desperate need of help[HDD to ps2 issue]
» Gameshark lite codelist?
» Am i doing something wrong?
» Legends of Wrestling WTF
» FIFa 11
» patching hdloader 0.8c
» DMS4 EZI LITE SE Solderless
» Modbo 4.0 PAL issues.
» Area 51
» Psu into normal Memorycard format ?
» All my OPL Games boot to white screen.
» How to Copy HDL from cd to Memory card from PS2
» security measures? Really?
» Modified PS2, Matrix Infinity, 16MB Datel Max Mem. w/Apps
» usb hdd not picking up
» Usb HD+SMS?
» How do I change Free mcBoot Initial logo
» game accelerator app
» ntsc-J
» Surreal64
» How to: copy blu-ray games
» Playstation 2, Matrix Infinity, 32MB Memory Card w/Apps
» Socom Combined Assault Online / OPL 0.7
» total newb question sorry in advance any help is appreciated
» Cogswap problem
» I need help with Action Replay Max
» Matrix Infinity Firmware Updates
» Instaling PSN PKG
» Unable to play any games using ESR
» Am I doing this right?
» Blu-Ray Remarry
» How to enable MDMA & UDMA on toxic os??
» WTB/looking for a cheap Iphone 4
» sandisk usb drive help!!
» How to "turn on" the USB ports to play with a hard drive.
» PS1 CD burning help
» need guide for burning emulators and roms?
» help needed with fmcb mc
» Metal Gear Solid2: Substance?
» Windows Media Player problem.
» Installing hard drive
» copy hd loader
» xbox or ps3
» trying to add esr button to ps2 startup
» cutscenes to shrink..
» Help with burning ULAUNCHELF?
» got a ps2 slim and need some info
» HDL Formatting Issue
» Is there a method for jailbreaking a Slim PS3 on 3.60?
» FCEUltra on PS2
» help!my ps2 scph-90000
» A question about Swap Magic 3.8 Coder and TOC
» Help me, PS2+Modchip (MODBO 3.0 Matrix) dead laser
» Modbo 4.0 not playing backups. I neep help. =)
» 1.88 upgradable doesnt play ps1
» Ar max messed up.
» 1991 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3L
» I need FMCBoot for Ntsc J model 10000
» Change Super-7 to Modbo 4.0 ??????
» "Destroy all humans 1" need game save
» Games after install in OPL didn't appear
» usb dont work
» Softmod help! R&C Deadlocked OR Gameshark2 v 4.1 cant launch ulanchelf
» WTS Ps2's + extras.
» Can't Install Free MCBOOT, HELP!
» Failed to load McBoot after Succesful install !
» Best PS2 Version to Own?
» LaunchELF version 4.11 FREEZE
» PS2 Fat user, been absent for ages...
» need some help with wii
» PS1 savegame to PS2 MC
» SMS media player playlist
» Quick Question
» OPL 0.8 Network
» Need help for my MODCHIP MODBO 3.0 Matrix
» Modchip for Ps2 V0 (SCPH-15000) Ghost 2?
» PS2PSXE Preview(168a) + Internal HDD + RadShell
» About Mode(Game Settings OPL)
» problem loading hdloader to hdd
» BUG: Happy Birthday from
» How to put music(MP3's) on the HD?
» need help with my wii
» Matrix infinity chip installing infinity manager problem
» Help No Audio/Video Output
» A 2 in 1 Self-Made Back-Up Copy in DVD for ESR
» (NEW)PS2 Controller not vibrating
» Question regarding network adapter & Free McBoot
» I Have a Wish... that Every Japanese Game Would be Translated.
» How to mod a SLIM Ps2(Japan)
» jailbreaking ps3 with a iphone 3gs
» MS PRO DOU Prototype
» snes station without cd
» Lunching Disk @ OPL?
» PAL or NTSC on Matrix chip
» Is it possible? PS2 playing Xbox games?
» Multiple game on Dvd
» Put saves on Virtual memory card from memory card
» uLE date & time stamps
» snes Emulation game saves
» Converting codes from armax to cb
» Open PS2 Loader
» Ps2 and dvd rw
» OPL problem running apps from MC
» FCEUltra PS2 save/load state shortcuts
» please disc id for pes 2010 pal
» Runnin Apps off the HDD
» multiman problem help me pls
» How do i use Cover art + OPL
» Help About USBAdvance
» Max Payne 2: The Fall of Payne Locks Up in HDL&OPL
» [Kingdom Hearts II on HDD] need help
» pes 2010 pal hdloader problem
» Is There Any PS2 cheat application?
» Major HDD help needed!
» Latest Open Backup Managers (Updated)
» Build and destroy
» Codebreaker issue
» MYTHCHIP save settings
» memory card exploit
» how can play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
» how to install Rogero Manager 7.9c to ps3 help me
» {ask} HDD Games and Updating
» Request for compatibility (Open PS2 Loader)
» Customizing the Elements Shown in the FMCB Main Screen...?
» [share] how to backup MC
» Help: Installing HDL/HDA without lens and MC
» How to play movies from usb drive on 90004 PAL Datecode - 9D
» CPU-z Validations
» Cant scroll up or down codebreakers v10 elf hdl
» HDLoader skinning
» Help configure OPL
» ESR/Boot Continuously Detecting
» CB_launch.elf problem.
» Iso game from internal hard disk,or lan by openps2loader.
» Saint Seiya Hades Jap code.
» Will my modchip work with Free MCBoot?
» Need Help with Eclips3 dongle
» Successful 3.55 to 3.41 Downgrade Method Released
» PS2 Slim HD????!
» how to put ide hardisk in ps2 slim
» OPL 0.8 Load/Save Configuration from USB
» VMC with HDLoader / ESR
» I Screwed Up Trying to Format MC....Help Me? :(
» LV1/LV2 Patching Info & Tools has been Released
» Multi Booting Ps1 to Ps2??
» Mirror of GeoHot's PS3 Jailbreak - Hosted by Carnegie Mellon University
» SOCOM II PPF Patch File Is Missing.
» PS3 LV2 Kernel Peek / Poke Patched, Backup Managers and CFW!
» How can play playstation games in ps2 hdl or other method
» Customizing FMCB's Delimiters
» LIst of signed Homebrew Apps for 3.55
» it still free to jailbreak or do I...
» In need of help.
» PS3 PKG Signer Windows GUI Released
» Geohot release Signing Homebrew Tools for 3.55
» Good useful FREEware. (Share good useful FREEwares)
» Ps2 silver dualshock2 controllor problem
» XP mode in Windows 7
» need usbAdvance.elf
» AR MAX Question?.
» Selling a memory card with FreeMcboot
» wd160 sata hdd not recognize by hdl
» Members stop sending spam
» multiMAN ver 1.12.00 Released
» How to patch EBOOT.BIN files to run Games that Requires 3.50 Firmware or (GT5/NFS:HP)
» Homebrew Enabler for PSP 6.31 and 6.35 Released
» PS2 Free McBoot Region Games
» can downsized hdd be recovered?
» Just joined the forum! From Wales Wrexham!
» v3.50 appldr keys released! - GT5 Playable Soon?
» Geohot Released key open Doors
» how can put skins in hdloader, ulaunch;
» Problem with codebreaker 10 patch for hd loader
» PGEN USB Drive problem
» Waninkoko Develops FWtool
» Does SMS player connect w/SMB to Windows Home Server?
» Hdd bay for SCPH-7xxxx availability
» Need Help Using a PS1 Exploit via ARMax (non Evo) to install FMCB
» How to softmod a DS? who knows?!!
» Fyi ccc...
» Can you point me to the best modern way to play backups?
» PS3 Master Key Found (For Real This Time) and PS3 Dongle ID Key Generator Released
» [Release] RockBox-PSGroove Installer 2.1.1| Plug-In Creator 1.0
» [ASK] Tutorial for Instaling
» help...noob
» New Playstation website teasing a game??
» WTB - PS2 Games
» Loading CD back-ups
» Emulators Off HD
» PS1 Backups on HD Loader
» PS3--deciding to purchase
» PGEN 1.5.1 Update
» N64 Emulator
» Strange HardDisk problem
» Playing PSP ISO in Ps3..
» DMS4 Pro EZI SE Pinout confusion! ARG
» Problem booting OPL 0.8 from MC
» Xbox 360 Slim Scratches
» Can't get hdld_svr to work.
» syphon filter: logans shadow
» PS2 won't recognize the HDD
» Do this games work 100% on hdd?
» Now "Public"
» why cant i download the skins in skin section (ps2)
» Ps3 iso info
» A comparison of PS3 and 360 as media players
» A few PS3 questions
» skins download
» VMC folder "corrupting" Ext HDD
» Silver Slim Special Edition PS-2 w/CC 2.0 SLE
» Kratos to be PS3 exclusive MK2011 fighter
» Transfer games from PS2 HDD to PC
» Open PS2 Loader Project - v0.5
» The day we have been waiting for OH YEEEHH!
» Odd controller behavior
» help with hdd and winhiip
» North American PS2 releases
» Jak x Combat Racing WORKING ON HDD
» Swap Magic Tutorial
» New 360 update!!!!!
» Need help with FMCB through Codebreaker.
» hdd size matters..
» Move backups from an external to an internal HDD
» Problem with Game Swap Trick(Won't load uLaunch with 007:From Russia with Love)
» mcboot usb stick help!!!!
» And Farenheit (Indigo Profecy) finally works in HDD
» SnesStation/FreeMCBoot/etc
» Open PS2 Loader + Slow Network
» ps2psxe
» PS2PSXe , controls wont work
» when is opl 0.8 coming out? XD
» Pinoy members.
» NFS Hot Pursuit
» Changing DVD key
» Codebreaker issue with ESR.
» Burning Games
» Brick block and region free?
» Good Iso's
» hacked but cant play backup games..
» open ps2 loader questions.
» Help with USB drive loading the games the second time.
» R4 Card
» HELP! Open PS2 Loader Network/SMB issues..Win 7?
» hard drive question?
» OPL Version 0.7 [Release]
» PSGroove
» PS2 disc won't spin
» usbadvance on pes2010
» Veterans Day 2010
» The Expansion Bay - Little confused.
» The PS2 and its Kernel/Bios - Possibilities?
» SKSApps HDL Compatibility List
» NEW Xbox 360 UPDATE!!!!
» Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 Black Screen
» Am I the king of spank the monkey or wat :)
» Hd loader does not detect hard drive
» Pgen (Codejunkies + ABCD + 48bit) buzzing noise :/
» Slapped this hunk 2gether 2day
» Ps1 Games on OpenPS2Loader?
» opl 0.8 is not coming out anymore T_T
» FMCB Install Proof Of Concept
» Recognition!!!
» Original Xbox Clear case
» more game's on a HD
» Evo-X to XBMC and Network adapter.
» Can I run backups without a working blu-ray drive?
» some questions about loading ps2 iso onto ps3
» Screen/ Wii emu for PS2?
» Help/Question with PS2 Game Swap Trick
» uLaunchElf- first steps
» Products I could use to clean my lens
» PS3 Not Accepting Disks (wont grab them)FAT 40GB
» Dtl-h70011s
» Help with FMCB please?
» ps2 75001 AR MAX SOFTMOD HELP!
» can you change default aspect ratio in sms
» My New PC
» My BA..... IC is faulty.....
» Will opl v0.8 still be release in public? xD
» Playing games off memorycard?
» Open PS2 Loader v.7 IGR Issue
» What are the differences between network adapters?
» List of games currently not working with Backup Manager/Compatibility List.
» Console IDChanger Question
» Help installing free mcboot
» opl freezing at startup
» Monster Rancher 4 question
» Sony Ps3 360g console
» Is there anyway for the people who upated to use an exploit to run backups?
» OPL Cover Art
» OPL Loader (Online)
» Backup Manager v2 Released (NoBluRay Disk Required)
» Play MKV file on PS2
» PS2 ISO Problem
» help! mod chip
» How to make background Art work?
» just picked up a jtagged 360, whats the deal?
» Installing FMBC on a Dead Lens
» ps2 y fix no video change
» How do I get PS2Mame v0.5 to work on HDD?